Turn over a new leaf, summer has come and gone

Cool wind, cool projects. It’s time to prepare your yard and home to stay cozy this winter.

Step 1: Loving care for your lawn

Your lawn will look fabulous in springtime if you reseed now. Start in October by cutting it one last time before winter. Remember to add fertilizer: it will strengthen the roots!

Step 2: Take care of your garden

Turn over a new leaf and prepare your yard for the end of summer. Plant bulbs and clear your garden. Protect your house by pruning nearby trees.

Step 3: Protect your assets

The weather is ideal to take on small maintenance tasks around the house. Store garden equipment and patio furniture to protect them from the elements. Remember to inspect your rooftop and gutters to avoid infiltration.

Step 4: Extend the barbecue season

Just because your neighbours have put away their barbecues doesn’t mean you have to! Now’s the time to stock up on fuel and arrange your space for outdoor cooking in the cold season.

Step 5: Take on winter!

Don’t wait for the first snowstorm to hit. Now’s the time to take stock of your shovels, scrapers and other winter equipment.

Ideas & How To