A tidy and comfortable house for fall

Ready your hammers and brushes. It's time to spruce up your house for a warm and stylish winter. It's amazing how a few small repairs can extend the life of a home.

Step 1: A garage as good as new

Admit it, the dream garage would not be complete without a storage system and a heater. It's a good time to repaint the floor, optimize storage and get the tools that will go well with your new workbench.

Step 2: Stay warm and cozy during cold fall days

Chilly winds already have us shivering. It's a sign that winter's setting in for good. Caulk your doors and windows, inspect the fireplace and chimney. Take this opportunity to modernize your heating system for optimal comfort this winter.

Step 3: Bring safety home

During the winter, heating is running at full capacity, so the risk of fire is higher. Ensure your fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are working properly. It's also a good time to modernize your locks, doorbell and outdoor lighting.

Step 4: Cocooning in style

Before locking yourself in your cocoon for the winter, take the opportunity to reinvent your decor—wallpaper, beautiful mouldings and new paint colors can work miracles and soften the rigors of winter!

Ideas & How To