Water Heaters 

Whether it's a tankless water heater or regular hot water tank, you'll be enjoying all the convenience and savings you've been looking for. Book a consultation today! 

Water Heaters 

Need a New Water Heater? We Can Help.

If you're still renting a water heater, consider making the switch to owning your own. Over the span of a water heater's life, you can save considerable money by owning. Ask an associate about our six-month no payment plan so you can get the perfect water heater into your home right away.

To learn if a hot water tank or tankless water heater would be best for you, read our Water Heater Buying Guide. Then, shop online or in-store for the perfect unit and book an installation.

Whether it's for dishes, showering, or doing laundry, the availability and reliability of your hot water supply is extremely important to a functioning household. Visit your nearest Lowe's to speak to a trained Specialist or contact us online to learn how we can help to install a water heater in your home. 

Installation Details:

  • Get same-day installation on all our replacement water heaters from Monday through Friday when your Lowe's store is notified before noon.*
  • Next-day installation is available Monday through Friday when your Lowe's store is notified after noon.*
  • Emergency fees apply if installation is required within 48 hours or same day.
  • Replacement water heater:  The installation location must be residential, with an existing electric, natural gas, or LP gas power source. Basic installation includes necessary fittings and up to 12 inches of pipe to tap into existing plumbing. Optional charges may apply.

    *Same-day service or next-day service may not be available in all store locations. Inquire in-store for more information.

    Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Tankless Water Heater

  • Heats a steady flow of hot water at the designated temperature for as long as needed (no pre-heating and storage of water required). You'll never run out of hot water again.
  • Only heats water when you need it, so energy isn't wasted for hot water that's not needed right away.
  • Saves space in your home, freeing up your basement or utility room for additional storage and versatility.



    Not Sure Where to Start?

    If you're not sure where to start, explore our Water Heater Buying Guide. We'll help you decide which kind would be best for your home, whether it's a space-saving tankless water heater or time-tested electric or gas hot water tank.

    Whichever is perfect for you, we have specialists who can make the installation process as easy as it gets.

    4 Easy Steps: Our Installation Process

    Step 1

    Get started and check availability

    Check out our selection of products and related accessories to give your home the style it deserves.

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    Step 2

    Free in-store design consultation

    Meet with our professionals to decide what would fit your home best.

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    Step 3

    In-home measurements

    Almost done - all that's left is to measure the relevant spaces in your home so your new purchase fits well.

    Step 4

    Schedule installation

    Now's the fun part! It's time for our professionals to arrive and set things up in your home.

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    Featured Brands for Water Heater Products

    Installation Services at Lowe's

    Renovation or replacement, Lowe’s has a wide range of installation services with quality brands and products to make your next project easy and convenient. Our team of professional installers can support any home renovation you need whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, basement or even your garage. We even cover outdoor projects for your home exterior or your backyard, like gazebos, fences, eavestroughs, decks and more. Ask us about our Smart Home consultation and installation service bundles so you can automate all the little things to make your everyday effortless and simple.