Prevent issues and increase your home's resale value by investing in proper insulation. You can reduce wasteful energy usage, increase comfort levels, and save on expensive electricity bills.


Our installers are duly trained to apply strict health and safety measures.

Save Big With a Bit of Insulation

Properly insulating areas in your home can lead to big savings everywhere. And when you get the pros to do it, life becomes even easier. Book your free in-home consultation to get started today.

Key Areas to Install Insulation in Your Home


Basement insulation helps improve energy efficiency, keeps temperatures consistent, and increases the lifespan of your furnace. Add insulation to top priority areas that are often overlooked, such as rim joists and your crawlspace. Proper insulation will also prevent or limit mould and moisture damage caused by air leakage.


Prevent potentially dangerous exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide from leaking into your home. Gas-proof your garage with spray foam insulation.


Air seal your attic to lower heating and cooling costs, and prevent costlier damage to the structure of your home. Ask for a consultation for retrofits and removal of existing insulation. Insulate attic ductwork to avoid air leakage, reduce energy usage, and to keep a comfortable climate indoors.

Whole Home

Kitchen, bathroom, or media room — effective insulation offers plenty of benefits for any space. Use specialized soundproofing insulation material to limit or dampen noise transfer. Seal air leakage pathways and weatherize your home for steadier temperatures and lower humidity that can lead to mould growth.

Don't feel like taking down walls to re-insulate? No problem! An insulation installer can drill small holes in existing walls between the studs to blow in new insulation.

Ask for an Energy Audit

We do more than insulation installation. As a requirement for many home energy rebate programs, our professionals can also complete a certified energy audit of your home. Learn more with an in-home consultation.

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Since 1980, Great Northern Insulation has provided customers with affordable solutions for an energy-efficient home. Their staff is experienced and committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction.


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