Professional cleaning services

Schedule certain cleaning tasks with our professional services. Regular maintenance improves the air quality of your home by reducing the level of contaminants, dust, allergens and odours.

Combine dryer vent and duct cleaning services and save
Schedule your appointment to have your air ducts and dryer vent cleaned at the same time and get up to
$80 off.

The in-depth cleaning of your home can be complicated. We will guide you through it. Guaranteed.

Residential cleaning is no small task. To execute the job at hand correctly, expertise and proper equipment are necessary. If not done properly, it can have serious consequences on your health and safety. Our qualified professionals will execute the work with care and precision for you.

Duct cleaning
Starting at $249
Our professional cleaning services are guaranteed for a year and the cleaning products used kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria, mold spores and select viruses.
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Gutter cleaning
Starting at $249
Your gutters need to be cleaned? Avoid expensive roof leaks & repairs. Our team of professionals will be happy to complete this task for you!
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Dryer vent cleaning
Cleaning your dryer vent helps prevent fires and extends your machine’s lifespan. Contact us now to book an appointment.
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Upholstery cleaning
Starting at $199
We clean all upholstery sofas, sectionals and chairs professionally for this ‘’like new’’ results.
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Upholstery cleaning
Starting at $199
We clean all upholstery sofas, sectionals and chairs professionally for this ‘’like new’’ results.
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Top questions from our customers

Installation-related questions
When can you start … and finish?
For small projects, the work is usually done within a few days following the purchase. In the 24 hours following your purchase, our call centre will contact you. Following that, an installer will call to book an appointment with you.

For major projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, please allow additional time for essential steps including in-store consultations to create the plan, measuring process, and work order issuance.

Bear in mind that product availability, weather conditions, client availability, and work area conditions may have an impact on project timelines.
How do you ensure that your customers are satisfied?
Throughout the project, we provide constant customer care through our Installs Production Office. Upon project completion, both the installer and customer inspect the work that has been carried out. Following this inspection, a Certificate of Completion (COC) must be signed on-site, in which customers are required to confirm their satisfaction or to enumerate issues with their installation project.

Are you insured for damage and accidents?
Yes, all Lowe’s installers have liability insurance. Lowe’s tracks the status of Service Provider’s insurance coverage for vehicle, worker’s compensation and general liability.
Whom should I call if I have a problem: Lowe’s or the installer?
Please contact Lowe’s Install Services Call Centre before, during and after an installation project to address any issue: 1-844-454-1454.
Do I have to give a deposit?
Yes, the full amount must be paid when signing the contract before work on a project can be started.
Product-related questions
Why do you recommend that I have my ventilation ducts professionally cleaned?
The professional equipment used cleans dust buildup in your ducts thoroughly, which is not possible with tools purchased at big box stores. Our powerful vacuum trucks have the highest CFM value on the market. Combined with compressed air and our professional tools and cleaning products, our cleaning process kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria, mold spores and some viruses.
Why do you recommend that I have my carpets, rugs and upholstery professionally cleaned?
Professional cleaning extends the lifespan of your valuables. Our trained professionals are equipped with specialized cleaning tools that remove stains to restore your furniture, carpets and rugs to their "like new" condition. Moreover, the eco-responsible cleaning products used kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria, mold spores and some viruses that are lodged in them, while being safe for your household.
Why do you recommend that I have my ventilation ducts cleaned annually?
An annual cleaning improves the heating and ventilation process in your home. Thanks to the reduction of dust in your ducts, you won't have to clean as frequently.
Why do you recommend that I have my gutters cleaned annually?
An annual cleaning reduces risk of roof leaks, helps prevent mosquito breeding and can prevent damages to the exterior cladding and foundation of your home.
Why do you recommend that I have my dryer vent cleaned annually?
It is recommended to clean your dryer vent regularly, or even yearly, depending on your usage and the size of your household. Restricted airflow due to a blocked air vent can cause many unwanted issues to your machine and your home. Proper cleaning of your vent helps prevent dryer fires, extends the lifespan of your dryer by avoiding overheating and reduces your energy costs.
Are parts and labour covered?
Labour is always under warranty for one year (there are exceptions for certain services). Parts and materials are covered according to the manufacturer’s warranty.
Do you also offer repair and maintenance services?
No, we do not offer such services at this time.

See what some of our customers have to say about their experience

Repairman were punctual, they knew what they were doing, and very clean.
Alex Aftasi, Ontario
Violeta is a force of nature! She knows her stuff, is quick and efficient and just overall awesome. Being able to come in late at night (8-9pm) and book all this was a big reason why we were able to even do our project.
Elliot Mereski, Alberta
The staff and the technicians/installers were competent, clean and friendly.
Serge Millen, Ontario
Maria and Tina (installation department) Lowe’s in Woodbridge were excellent in their follow up and keeping me advised as the project advanced. I realize Covid 19 did slow the process and I understand that.
Bob Murray, Ontario
They were busy, so the initial call was about a week past the time we were initially told to expect their call. The day of the appointment, they were on time. Fully professional. They answered all of our questions, on site. The product was actually early. Very happy with the end result.
Allison Strata, Alberta
The whole process was so positive that I'm planning on utilizing Lowe's installation services for a bathroom renovation.
Lorraine Ferraro, Ontario
We had a positive experience with Lowe’s kitchen cupboard representative Ekta right from the beginning. She was so helpful with helping us pick out the different materials needed to renovate our kitchen and offered us outstanding service. She connected us with Scott Maisie who came to our house and explained what all they could do to give us the kitchen we wanted. The installers did outstanding work and we are so happy with the outcome.
Nancy Kirby, Alberta
Ran into a small problem and took care of it and fixed it up to our satisfaction. Keep up the good work.
Russ Gingrich, Ontario
The installer was a true professional and was able to install our two doors perfectly; all trim and finishing work was also completed to a very high standard.
Patricia Mosher, Ontario