Windsor 18.1kg System Saver II Water Softening Pellets

  • Item#: 92007
  • MFR#: 2421
Water Softening Salt Formula
  • Patented formula with 99% pure salts proven to deliver superior results and works to extend softener life
  • Helps improve the efficiency of appliances and water heaters keeping them running at peak performance
  • Hard water contains traces of dirt iron and other minerals that can build up in the resin beads and valves of your water softener and can lead to expensive repairs
  • Windsor® system saver II pellets are specially formulated to clean out those traces of dirt and minerals and to help keep your water softener clean longer than all other salt pellets on the market
  • System saver II pellets are formulated with salt that is guaranteed 99% pure and contain virtually no insoluble that need to be cleaned from your brine tank for these reasons Windsor® backs system saver II pellets with a total satisfaction guarantee
  • Windsor® system saver II pellets come in 18 kg bags that are easy to lift carry open and pour the patented corner pull-tab opens just wide enough to allow salt to pour out easily, and enables you to regulate the flow
  • The sturdy handle makes it easy to carry whatever your needs Windsor® has a water softening solution for you
  • If you feel or see the effects of hard water it’s not too late make sure to add two to three bags of Windsor system saver® II pellets to clean the resin tank you will have great soft water again in no time
  • Soft water greatly reduces the scaling of pipes faucets and bath fixtures and reduces spotting of glasses dishes and flatware soft water also helps detergent clean your clothes better while making your clothes last longer too
Finish Water Softening Salt
Finish Family Other
Application To use in water softener device
Nsf Safety Listing No
Package Quantity 1.00
Type Formula