Windsor 18.1kg Select Plus Water Softening Salt Formula

  • Item#: 96655
  • MFR#: 5133
Water Softening Salt Formula
  • Economy conscious consumers rely on this high purity salt for their water conditioning needs
  • Works to reduce film build-up and spots on bathtubs showers sinks and faucets
  • Contains no additives
  • What makes water hard - rain water begins as soft water free of these minerals and as it passes over and through the earth flowing into lakes rivers streams and ground water it absorbs the hardness
  • While these minerals are not harmful to your health they do affect the properties of water and its effectiveness in washing and cleaning
  • Why hard water is hard on you? hard water can turn simple household tasks into hard work - soaps and laundry detergents don’t lather as well - glasses and dishes are left with spots
  • Clothing feels coarser and colours look duller - tubs and bathroom fixtures are covered with an unsightly film - hard water is also tough on washing machines making them wear out up to 30% faster
  • Why soft water is such an advantage around the house - not only does soft water turn tough cleaning jobs into easy work it also saves money and time - you need less soap to get clothes and dishes clean
  • You can say goodbye to annoying water scaling and soap scum as well as stubborn tub rings - your pipes and appliances remain stain- and clog-free requiring less maintenance and repair
Finish Water Softening Salt
Finish Family Other
Application To use in water softener device
Nsf Safety Listing No
Package Quantity 1.00
Type Formula