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Swanson Tool Company Swanson's Little Blue Book

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Swanson's Little Blue Book
The Swanson® Little “Blue Book” for Roof and Stairway Layout includes detailed instructions and helpful charts showing how to measure, scribe, make cuts, and more with your Swanson® Speed® Square or Big 12® Speed® Square. Save time determining the right measurements for your rafters by using the Swanson® One-Number® Method.  Learn how to use the Layout Bar™ to measure out-of-square corners as you build stairways. The Blue Book is your number one companion and your key to becoming a true pro with your Speed® Square.
  • 60 page instructional manual for the Speed Square and Big 12 Speed Square
  • Instructions for using the 1 number method for roof and layout
  • Instructions for other projects such as stairway layouts
  • Includes easy-to-read roof and rafter tables for quick reference
  • Includes rafter tables and construction charts
  • Includes handy diagrams with the Speed® Square in use
  • 60-page manual, designed for use with any Swanson® Speed® Square
  • Proudly printed in the USA
Author Swanson Tool
Genre Roofing
Hardcover Or Paperback Paperback
Isbn N/A
Page Count 60.00
Publish Date 6/22/1905
Title Swanson's Little Blue Book