AZUR AZUR 10% Preventive Algaecide 3.6L

  • Item#: 888177
  • MFR#: 06AP3610
AZUR 10% Preventive Algaecide 3.6L
  • Controls algae in domestic swimming pool water
  • Do not apply when swimmers are in the immediate vicinity, a 15 minute restricted-entry interval is recommended
  • Keep out of reach of children always read the label before using
Compatible With Chlorine Pools Yes
Compatible With Salt Pools Yes
Effect On Black Algae Prevents
Effect On Green Algae Prevents
Effect On Mustard Algae Prevents
Gallons Treated For Kill 19020.00
Gallons Treated For Prevention 47550.00
Package Size (Grams) 3450.13
Package Size (oz) 121.70
Series Name Algaecide 10%
Type Algae prevention