“Who Needs Holiday Cheer?”  

Terms and Conditions 




Lowe’s Companies Canada, ULC and Lowe’s 220 Limited Partnership (collectively the “Corporation”) are looking for the owner of a single-family house located in Ontario (a “House”) who would like to collaborate with the Corporation on a video shoot relating to the installation of holiday decorations on the House.  The Corporation therefore invites any person who owns such a House and who is 19 years old or older to submit his or her application by completing the form available at https://www.lowes.ca/need-holiday-cheer between November 3, 2020 and November 8, 2020 (the “Applicant”) and indicating, among other things, the reason why his or her application should be selected. No purchase is necessary. Limit of one application per person and per House. Beginning November 9, 2020, the Corporation will evaluate the application received and determine, at its sole discretion, which Applicant may collaborate with the Corporation in the video shoot, subject to compliance with the terms and conditions hereof. The Corporation will, at its expense, install holiday decorations of a maximum value of $2,000. Such decorations may include, but are not limited to, garlands, light garlands and various decorations on the House and the land on which it is located. The Corporation will also remove these decorations after the holiday season, and the selected Applicant will be allowed to keep these decorations as compensation for the use of his or her House. 


By submitting an application, the Applicant accepts (a) to have his or her House decorated by the Corporation's team, (b) to comply with the Corporation’s instructions in connection with the decoration of his or her House and (c) that the Corporation may film, take photographs and otherwise capture the installation of the decorations on the House and the Applicant’s reaction to the unveiling of the installation, in order that this material be published in various media. The Applicant acknowledges and accepts that before being officially selected for this project, he or she will be required to sign a contract containing, among other, various declarations and disclaimers of liability. The candidate also agrees to be available the week of November 16, 2020 for the installation. 


By submitting an application, the Applicant agrees to be fully and unconditionally bound by these terms and conditions and by the Corporation's terms of use, available at the following addresses: https://www.lowes.ca/about/terms-of-use and https://www.lowes.ca/about/privacy-policy. Any breach of these terms and conditions or the terms of use by any Applicant will result in his or her disqualification and all privileges (including those as a selected Applicant, if applicable) will be immediately revoked and forfeited. The Corporation reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice, and to reject any Applicant, at its sole discretion. The Applicant agrees to accept all decisions of the Corporation as final and binding in all matters relating to this operation. 


The Corporation and its related entities, subcontractors, agents or representatives involved in the organization of the video shoot as well as their employees, jury members and anyone domiciled at the same address as the above-mentioned persons may not be an Applicant. Advertising and promotional agencies as well as any other person involved in the development, production or distribution of material related to this operation are considered to be subcontractors of the Corporation.  


These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein.