The Wall: How to Install Vinyl Flooring on a Wall

Looking for a creative home design idea? Here’s one: installing flooring on the wall! Vinyl flooring can create a stunning panelling effect when installed vertically. Find out how to make your own unique accent wall in any room.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
1 day
Before You Start
Any type of floating floor can be used to create the desired panelling effect. For this project, we chose a vinyl floor with a natural wood grain print. Vinyl is a great option because it is washable, scratch-resistant, and light enough to be installed with construction adhesive, which means no nails!

Measure the Surface Area of the Wall

  • 1.1Ensure that the installation wall is structurally sound and clean. A straight wall will make for an easier install.
  • 1.2Measure the wall to determine the square footage you need to cover.
Man measuring a wall

Glue the First Row of Planks

  • 2.1Take a half plank and glue it to the wall, starting on the left side. Use a level to keep it perfectly straight, and make sure that the groove is facing outwards rather than towards the wall.
  • 2.2Hold the plank in place with a few pieces of tape as the glue dries.
Man gluing vinyl floor planks onto a wall

Pro Tip

Go easy on the glue—just a few drops is enough for a lasting and solid hold.

Measure the Remaining Space

  • 3.1Measure the space from the top of the first row to the top of the wall.
  • 3.2Hold a plank securely in place with clamps.
  • 3.3Use a utility knife and carpenter’s square to score a cut line on the plank, twice.
  • 3.4Snap the plank along the cut line by using the side of your worktable.
Man measuring a space on a wall

Pro Tip

As you work, ensure that your cuts are straight. Leftover pieces will be used to start subsequent rows.

Continue the Install

  • 4.1Use a leftover piece for the next row, then follow it with a full-length plank. If the leftover piece is too similar in length to the plank beside it, choose a different piece or use a full-length one instead.
  • 4.2Continue installing until the whole wall is covered, except for the final row.
  • 4.3A rubber mallet can be used to tap down the joints if needed.
Man installing decorative planks onto a wall

Pro Tip

Give the project a more vibrant and lively feel by installing planks of random lengths.

Install the Final Planks

  • 5.1Measure the length and width of the last planks and cut them to size.
  • 5.2Repeat the steps for cutting and gluing as described above.
Man cutting a vinyl plank

Final Touches

  • 6.1Apply latex to the edges of the planks using a caulking gun.
  • 6.2For a perfect finish, smooth the latex with an applicator tool or a wet finger.
Man applying latex caulking

Admire the Finished Project

  • 7.1You’ve successfully installed a floor onto your wall! Admire and take pride in your work.
Room with a wood plank wall
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