The Wall: How to Install Decorative Mouldings

Decorative mouldings are an easy way to enhance your wall decor. They can be used in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or any room of the house. Installing them is easy, too.

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Before You Start

For this project, we decided to forgo power tools like a mitre saw and enjoy a bit of a challenge instead. If you also feel up to it, you can opt to use a hand saw and a mitre box to get the job done.
  1. 1

    Start with a Sketch

  2. Steps:

  3. 1.1
    Measure the installation wall and plan your design.
  4. 1.2
    Decide how many panels you need and how wide the spaces should be.
  5. 1.3
    Use ratios of 1/2 and 1/4 to subtract the spaces from the total width.
  6. 1.4
    Use ratios of 1/3 and 2/3 to subtract the spaces from the total height.
Person drawing a plan of a wall with decorative mouldings
  1. 2

    Locate the Studs

  2. Steps:

  3. 2.1
    Find the studs using a stud finder.
  4. 2.2
    Make a mark on the wall where the studs are
Man using a stud finder

Pro Tip

If nailing your mouldings into the stud isn’t an option, glue can help ensure that everything is solid.

  1. 3

    Measure Out and Mark the Guide Lines

  2. Steps:

  3. 3.1

    Use the bottom left corner of your plan as the starting point.

  4. 3.2
    Use a bubble level to draw the plan on the wall.
Man using a bubble level sur trace a line on a wall
  1. 4

    Cut the Mouldings

  2. Steps:

  3. 4.1
    Use a mitre box and a hand saw to cut all of the mouldings at a 45° angle.
  4. 4.2
    When measuring, go from the outside corner of the moulding.
  5. 4.3
    Inverse the angle of the cut on each end.
Man using a mitre box to cut mouldings
  1. 5

    Nail the Mouldings

  2. Steps:

  3. 5.1
    Install the first moulding by nailing it through the centre, allowing it to rotate.
  4. 5.2
    Ensure that the moulding is level and use additional nails to secure it in place.
  5. 5.3
    Follow your guide lines to complete the installation.
  1. 6

    Finish the Nail Holes

  2. Steps:

  3. 6.1
    Push the nail heads into the planks with a nail punch.
  4. 6.2

    Apply latex to the nail holes and around the moulding edges using a caulking gun.

  5. 6.3
    Use an applicator tool or simply a wet finger to smooth the latex for a perfect finish.
Man nailing a wall moulding onto a wall
  1. 7

    Paint the Mouldings

  2. Steps:

  3. 7.1
    Use a brush and a roller to paint the whole wall.
Man painting a wall beige

Pro Tip

Want contrasting mouldings? It is much easier to paint them before installing them. To choose the right colour for your decorative new wall, just consult the Colour Selector by SICO.

  1. 8

    Admire the Finished Project

  2. Steps:

  3. 8.1
    Step back and admire your handiwork! Moulding walls have a distinct appeal and give your home a sophisticated touch. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.
Beige wall with decorative mouldings

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