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Refresh your space for less with home renovations and DIY projects that won't break the bank. Get inspired to make smart updates to your decor that will have major impact on the look and functionality of your home.


modern kitchen with open cabinets, marble countertop, and chrome appliances.

10 Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Renovate your kitchen on a budget! Get inspired with simple upgrades like cabinet refacing or a paint refresh and your kitchen will look brand new before you know it!
condo living room with home office in corner

10 Ways to Personalize Your Small Space for Under $300

Learn how to personalize your small space on a budget! From space-saving furniture to unique decorating ideas, find out how to transform your home without breaking the bank.
front porch with green door, wood bench, and plants.
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How to Add Curb Appeal to Your House on a Budget | Lowe’s Canada

Makeover the front of the house and porch. From installing a new front door to freshening up your driveway, learn how to improve your curb appeal for less!
living room with overhanging light

Update Your Light Fixtures for Under $300

Renovating on a budget? Start by updating your light fixtures! From chandeliers to ceiling lights, learn how to pick budget-friendly lights for your home!
couple sitting in backyard with a patio set, and garden with flowers and shrubs
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10 Cost Effective Ways to Update Your Landscape

Does your landscape need a refresh? Learn how to make simple upgrades like adding planters, giving your lawn some TLC, and other cost-effective ways to update your front lawn or backyard.
Patio with an outdoor seating area and a tropical feel
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Refresh Your Deck For Under $300

Learn how to refresh your deck for less than $300! We have tons of deck ideas, from re-staining your deck to adding lights to your deck stairs.
Modern bathroom with pedestal sink, toilet, and bath

10 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Want to renovate your bathroom on a budget? Learn how to save money with quick bathroom decor and design face-lifts.
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