10 Ways to Personalize Your Small Space for Under $300

Learn how to personalize your small space on a budget! From space-saving furniture to unique decorating ideas, find out how to transform your home without breaking the bank.

Small Space, Big Impact

Just because you have a small space doesn't mean you can’t have a stylish space! Find all the best items to create an ultra-cozy home in-store or online. Whether you want more storage or need a quick decor refresh, shop at Lowe's today for the best deals and products!

1. Beside Storage Can Help You Save Space

Anyone living in a small space knows storage is key! Try to create as many storage spots as you can, like adding a bedside storage compartment. Tucked under the mattress, it will keep everything you need in arms reach. Use it to hold books, your phone, or even a water bottle.

Need more tips for your small bedroom? Read 10 Chic Small Bedroom Ideas!

2. Mini-Fridges are the Ultimate Small Space Luxury

Compact appliances like mini-fridges are a space-saver and a budget-friendly way to fit major appliances into your small home! There is no need to think small when it comes to appliances, just make sure to take accurate measurements of your rooms before you go shopping. 

These compact appliances will help you get the job done! 

3. Stay Organized with a Wall Decal Calendar

Your desk can run out of space quickly, so toss your paper calendar and opt for a wall decal instead! Stick this calendar directly to the wall and start writing reminders, events, and notes. They come in different patterns and designs including chalkboard circles, gold polka dots, and more!

4. Expand your Small Space with Decorative Mirrors

Don’t worry about that house extension, you can create the illusion for a fraction of the cost! 

Mirrors are a well-trusted tip among those with small rooms. You can trick the eye into thinking a room is larger by adding a decorative mirror as a focal point. By reflecting off the adjacent area of the room, it gives the illusion of an expansive space. Mirrors come in many shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can find the perfect one to match your style!

5. The Pouf is the Compact Resting Solution You've Been Waiting for

Stay on trend with the addition of a pouf! You may have seen them all over Instagram, but poufs aren’t just stylish. A pouf is the best way to relax in a compact space, so you won’t have to figure out how to fit your bulky recliner in your living room!

You can choose from different patterns and colours as well as varying materials like faux leather or wool. Put your feet up and relax because you just found yourself the perfect way to hang out for less!

6. Save on Counter Space with a French Press

When you have a small kitchen, counter space is prime real estate! Replace your bulky coffee machine with a simple French press. It takes up less space and is still super easy to use, plus it’s more affordable than a daily coffee run!

7. Get in Touch with Nature with a House Plant

Become one with nature with a house plant! These are cost-effective ways to add a little green to your place. Indoor plants are perfect for those living in high-rises or condos that don’t have as much access to nature, plus it’s budget-friendly décor! Look for plants that don’t grow too large, like bamboo, spider plant, polka dot plants or echeveria.

8. Area Rugs will Add a Comfortable Layer to your Small Space

Adding an area rug to your living room can amp up the coziness. Look for a light coloured area rug, since dark rugs can make a room feel too crowded. Try to find one made of natural materials like bamboo, wool, or cotton since these materials are more breathable and will add a light texture to your room!

9. Simple Wall Art Can Make a Huge Impact

Make a statement with your walls! If your furniture is more minimalistic, opt for bolder wall art. The artwork should be smaller so that it gives the illusion of an exaggerated wall size. Try stacking your artwork vertically from ceiling to floor to create a little art nook in those under-used corners.

10. Embrace the Cozy with Decorative Pillows

Embrace the coziness by adding some fluffy pillows and blankets to your couch or bed! Look for rectangle shaped pillows with bold prints to contrast neutral furniture. And why not try reversible decorative pillows? That way you can switch up your aesthetic whenever you feel like it! 

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