Top 6 Wallpaper Patterns & Trends

Once a marker of traditionalism, wallpaper is back with a contemporary twist. Give an old space a new look with one of these inspiring wallpaper styles.

Get inspired with the unique patterns, colours, and textures of our extensive wallpaper selection. From nature-inspired wallpaper featuring beautiful flowers and foliage to minimalistic geometric patterns that anchor a room perfectly, you'll find the right wallpaper for your personal style here. Not sure how to put it together to create the look? Check out our top 6 patterns and prints below for ideas on how to pair different wallpapers with the right furniture, accents, lighting, and decor.

1. Back To Nature

Pair a floral or botanical print with distressed and untreated woods, like the vintage ladder pictured here. The organic texture of the wood will bring out the nature-inspired flair of the wallpaper print. You can make the indoors feel like the outdoors.


2. Snappy Stripes

Have fun with figures by pairing clean, stark lines with a variety of curved and organic shapes, like the bowl and bird statue pictured here. Mixing straight and curved lines softens the overall look of a room and draws the eye to key accent pieces backed by a repetitive wallpaper pattern.


3. Into The Wild

Animal prints are subtle and sophisticated with the right accessories. Pair a busy pattern like this zebra print with an open-backed table or shelf so that the flow of the pattern is undisturbed and the minimalistic furniture gets a boost from the wallpaper's flair.


4. The Warmth Of Damask

Damask wallpaper mimics the lavish, intricate patterns of the Byzantine and Islamic weaving traditions of the early Middle Ages. Harness the innate warmth and richness of damask by pairing it with blankets and throw pillows in soft, comfortable fabrics. Throw in an accent piece in warm metals like copper or brass, and your space will instantly become a cozy retreat.


5. Fun With Geometry

Be bold and choose a colourful geometric pattern for your walls. Highlight the busy pattern by pairing it with furniture and décor in matching solid colours. And if your wallpaper is a bright hue, like the one shown here, make sure you have plenty of natural light to show it off.


6. Exposed Facades

Create the illusion of exposed brick or stone — without the messy construction. After affixing this easy-to-use wallpaper mural, decorate minimally with a few key accent pieces in simple shapes. You can make any space feel like a cool urban warehouse loft.


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