Walk In Closet Organization and Storage Ideas

Keep your walk-in closet organized with unique products and tools. We have walk-in closet storage and organization products for bulky winter coats and business attire to your favourite t-shirts. Learn about the newest storage solutions, organizational tips, and more!

Organize Your Walk-In Closet for Less!

A large walk-in closet can be challenging to organize. Whether it's denim or suits, we have a wide array of closet storage products to make life easier so you can find everything you need fast. Talk to one of our Home Decor Specialists, shop online, or visit us in-store today!

Organize items by Type

Whether you have a ton of shoes or lots of purses, customizable wire shelving makes it easy to find what you need. When it comes to versatility, wire closet shelves are a great option since you can choose from a variety of sizes and designs. Consider several wire shelves in different configurations to create a custom walk-in closet. Use the shelving to store shoes, hang up belts, and separate your clothing by season or color.

Wire shelving comes in a range of sizes, and a corner shelf is the perfect way to maximize your available closet space.


Install Closet Rods for More Storage

Even if your walk-in closet isn't exceptionally large, you can maximize your space by installing additional hanging rods. Use the amount of vertical space you have by creating two levels of rods for double the space. Hang your favorite in-season clothes on the top rod, and then switch when it's time to transition from summer tees to winter sweaters.

Closet rods are available in many sizes and finishes to match your closet's look. Consider an adjustable rod if you need flexibility, or you're not sure of the measurements.


Keep Footwear in Order with Shoe Shelves

From sneakers to boots, shoe shelves are a perfect addition to a walk-in closet. Use shoe shelves to organize your favorite footwear and keep things arranged by style. For example, hang several shoe shelves and designate each one for different types of shoes like tennis shoes, dress shoes, and winter or hiking boots.

If you don't want to hang your shoes, consider a multi-level shoe rack for easy access, and place it in the corner of your closet or against the wall.


Make Your Closet Look Sophisticated with Wood Organizers

Create a luxurious walk-in closet with wood organizers and shelves. Wood is exceptionally durable, and you can find it in a variety of finishes to suit your style. Consider wood cubbies to keep everything separated by style or item type. If you want to keep everything hidden, try a wood storage unit with drawers. A standalone wood storage cabinet is another easy way to keep your closet tidy while adding a high-end touch.

To make your walk-in closet even more functional, consider adding a full-length mirror.

Use the Right Hangers

When it comes to closet organization, you'll likely need to use plenty of clothes hangers. If you want your closet to be even more functional, try different hangers designated for specific clothing, like nonslip hangers for silk attire or hangers with clips for pants and skirts. Slim hangers are an excellent choice that will help you maximize the available space you have. Choose clothes hangers in white instead of brown or black to give your closet a light, airy aesthetic.

Some clothes hangers have built-in accessory hooks, which are perfect for belts and ties.


Customize Your Closet With Clothing Racks

Keeping your clothing and accessories organized is easier with custom add-ons, like a hanging rack. Consider a sliding tie and belt rack that you can install inside your walk-in closet. Accessories designed to hang specific items offer you an easy, streamlined way to separate and stash all of your favorite pieces for easy access whenever you need them.

Look for expandable hanging bars with hooks, which can easily double your available closet space.


Get Creative with Unique Accesories

No matter how big or small your walk-in closet is, you can always keep it tidy with the right accessories. Vacuum storage bags will compress large items like blankets, pillows, and bulky sweaters so you can free up additional space. A luggage rack is an excellent way to store your luggage and pack your bags when you're ready to hit the road. Decorative ladders feature a slender, compact size and can be placed against the wall to store throw blankets or your favorite bathrobe.

For small items, consider an over-the-door organizer with lots of pockets for jewelry and other accessories.


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