Our Best Design Tips: Outdoor Decor

We asked our head designer for answers to all our questions about 2022 backyard and patio decor trends, from functionality and style to colour palettes and ambience.

Portrait of the interior design expert
Lydia Thammavong
Head Designer, Styles and Trends

Lydia has a passion for every form of art and design. She travels the world to discover all the latest trends, adapting and using them as inspiration to update everyday living spaces.

Which outdoor decor colours are currently trending?

  • Shades of blue—like denim, azure, and indigo—for that desired Mediterranean or seaside feel.
  • Green, use heavily inside and outside as part of the wider biophilia trend.
  • Terra cotta, reminiscent of common materials used in the desert and tropical places.
  • Black, often used in finishes and textures to modulate light for an eye-catching effect.

How do you recommend creating an outdoor space that feels like an extension of the inside?

Many people today want to use the outside the same way as the inside. This may include relaxing, reading, cooking, eating, working, watching TV, or even taking a bath! There are a variety of products available to make all of this possible.

Inspiration Ideas

  • Think of the outdoor items that can make you just as comfortable as you are inside, like outdoor lighting, patio cushions and pillows, and candles.
  • “Vegetalize” your home’s interior using plants and natural materials while dressing up the exterior with outdoor and patio furniture, outdoor rugs, and ambience lighting.
  • Keep your decor seamless and consistent by using the same decorating style inside and outside.
  • Adding a pergola is a great and inexpensive way to extend your living space. They are easy to install and protect you from the sun when relaxing outside. Hard-roof models will shield you from the rain as well. Plus, they help delineate the space, making it more inviting.

Pro Tip

Build a wooden corner pergola yourself with the help of our step-by-step guide!

What are some of your quick and affordable tips for updating an outdoor space?

One of the best ways to revamp an outdoor space is to use natural materials like gravel and stone. You can instantly breathe new life into a path by replacing the stained or damaged stones with beautiful new grey pavers.

Creating new zones will also improve the feel and functionality of a backyard. For example, you can make a cozy reading nook simply by adding a hammock.

How can you best utilize a small balcony?

Small balconies, like other small spaces, benefit from a focus on functionality, minimal clutter, and a clean look.

My top tips are:

  • Measure twice before you buy.
  • Free up floor space by using the walls and railings.
  • Create as much storage as you can.
  • Opt for small, light, and portable furniture.
  • Choose furniture and accessories that fold or stack.

How do you improve outdoor privacy while keeping things stylish?

No matter your taste or budget, there are many ways to make your backyard or deck more private. Vegetation is one of the most appealing options. Plants offer ample privacy, are naturally decorative, and have a calming and refreshing effect. The sound of the leaves in a gentle breeze will also dampen ambient noise. Some good plants to use include vines on a trellis or tall and full plants like ornamental grasses in a beautiful planter.

Do you have any tips for a front yard or porch?

The front yard is a spot to catch up with neighbours. You can make the space feel more inviting by adding a conversation set centred on an outdoor rug and complete with some comfy outdoor cushions and pillows.

Two plants in elegant planters on a porch
Light grey outdoor pillow
Outdoor rug with beige shapes

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