The Ultimate Light Installation Guide

Learn all the tricks to the perfect light installation. From pendant to ceiling or vanity lights, discover how simple it is to install lights in your home!

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Bathroom Light Installation

Since the bathroom is where you likely get ready for the day, good lighting is key. It is important to install sconce lighting or vanity lighting to help ensure your makeup is on point. 

Vanity Lighting Above the Mirror: Have your mirror measurements on hand when you go shopping for bathroom vanity lights. The width of the fixture should be ¾ in. of the mirror’s width and should be hung just above the mirror for optimal light. 

Sconces Framing the Mirror: Sconces should be installed just above eye level and about 60 to 65 in. from the floor. Be sure to get sconces that match the finish of your hardware! 

Kitchen Light Installation

Kitchen lights pull double duty by acting as both task and ambient lighting! That’s why it’s important to install your lighting at the correct height above the table and the kitchen island. 

Kitchen Island Lighting: The kitchen island is a hub in the kitchen for everything from preparing meals to eating a quick breakfast. The key to installing lighting here is making sure it doesn’t come to your eye level. Instead, you should hang the fixture between 30 to 36 in. above the countertop. The fixture should be about 2/3 the length of the island and be installed in the centre of the ceiling overhead. 

Chandelier Above the Rectangle Kitchen Table: Ambient lighting is key for a functional dining area. If you have 8 ft. ceilings, be sure to leave about 30 to 36 in.  between the bottom of the fixture to the top of the table. For taller ceilings, raise the chandelier 3 in. for each additional foot. The fixture should sit in the centre, above the table. 

Chandelier Above the Circle Kitchen Table: The correct placement of your lighting above the kitchen table is vital for a practical, yet stylish eating area. When it comes to hanging a chandelier over a round table you’ll want to make sure the fixture is ½ to ¾ of the table’s diameter or length and hang it just above the centre of the circle table. Follow the same height rules as you would a rectangle table! 

Bedroom Light Installation

The bedroom should be a place of zen, so it needs multiple sources of light! Common places to hang lights in bedrooms are bedside, above the bed, and in the centre of the room. 

Wall Lamps: A great alternative to table lamps, these wall-mounted lamps are perfect for task lighting. When installing, centre them with your nightstand but also within reach of your bed. Depending on the height of your nightstand, they should be placed approximately 45 to 60 in. from the floor. 

Ceiling Lights: Ceiling light fixtures should be installed either in the centre of your room or bed, depending on the size, and should be at least 7 ft. from the floor in a standard 8 ft. ceiling room. If you have a taller ceiling raise the fixture by 3 in. for every additional foot.

Living Room Light Installation

As the common area, the living room is often the busiest in the house. Whether you use it for relaxation or entertaining, you’ll need a few lighting options.

Flush Mount Lighting: This is the most common light fixture found in living rooms. Its practicality and versatility make it a popular option for homeowners and renters alike. Measure carefully to ensure it’s either centred above the couch or in the centre of the room. Tip: Some ceiling lights are designed with a gap between the fixture and mount. Be careful to follow the height rules of hanging it no more than 7 ft. from the floor for a standard 8 ft. ceiling. 

Chandelier: When it comes to height, chandeliers tend to have more room to move around. If you have a standard ceiling height you’ll still want to keep it 7 ft. from the bottom of the light fixture to the floor. If your ceiling is taller than 8 ft., raise the chandelier 3 in. for each additional foot. 

Entryway Light Installation

Make a great first impression with gorgeous lights in your entryway or mudroom! These lights can make a big impact or subtly complement your home’s decor. Whatever look you’re going for, it’s important to have the correct placement.

Pendant Lighting: Pendant lighting is an obvious choice for above the door. You’ll want to leave the standard 7 ft. gap between the floor and bottom of the pendent, or a little more if you have taller ceilings. Whether your pendant is over the door or further into the hallway, line it up with the centre of the door frame of the main entrance into your home. 

Wall Sconces Beside the Entryway Table: Wall sconces can add an elegant style to your entryway. Place them 5 to 6 ft. from the floor to bottom of the fixture, and on ether side of table. This will give it a squared off look while providing the right amount of light. 

Outdoor Light Installation

Add some curb appeal to your home with decorative pendent lighting and sconces. These add a welcoming environment to your front porch and provide some extra security. 

Double Wall Lights Beside Door:  When figuring out what size of light fixture, go for ¼ of your door height to ensure the light doesn’t overpower the door frame. Install the fixtures 60 to 65 in. from the floor of your porch to the bottom of the light. 

Single Wall Sconce: Keep in the mind the same rule when it comes to deciding the size of the single wall sconce and keep it to ¼ of your door height. Place the single light on the same side as your door handle, as this will be the area that needs the most illumination, and hang it 60 to 65 in. from the floor of your porch to the bottom of the fixture. 

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