Craving a new kitchen design? Start with beautiful, yet practical, kitchen cabinets. Follow our 7 stylish cabinet ideas and layouts to plan out a new look. Choose gorgeous finishes and custom functions that set the tone for your kitchen, and make it your favourite room in the house.

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Once you've settled on a kitchen design idea, take a look at which kitchen cabinets fit best. We've got a style to suit every taste, preference, and budget. The right one is only a click away.

Kitchen in newly constructed luxury home on bright sunny day with view of lush trees out window

1. Let In Natural Light With Bright White Kitchens

You can't go wrong with a classic white kitchen. It opens up space and gives it an airy and roomy feel. Probably the best thing about white is it'll never go out of style — it'll always be on trendy and easy to match with any colour.
Mahogany coloured kitchen cabinets, stainless steel oven, and 3 purple shade lights hanging down

2. Enhance Small Kitchen Spaces With Layered Lighting

Add more ambient light under cabinets and inside glass displays. Complement them with ceiling lights that bring the "wow" factor.
Galley kitchen with dark brown cabinets and tiled flooring

3. Expand Narrow Galley Kitchens With Neutral Tones

Looking for a more elegant and spacious look? This sleek, neutral colour palette will work wonders by opening up narrow spaces. The colours will also make it easy to add in a splash of brightness or unique piece of art.
Country kitchen with exposed beams, tiled flooring, and island

4. Embrace Chic Country Kitchens That Make You Feel at Home

Is country living always on your mind? Give your kitchen the warm and welcoming colour palette it deserves. Pair light wood cabinets with a fresh green backsplash and organic accents.
Beige smooth finish kitchen cabinets with built-in stainless steel appliances

5. Create a Modern Kitchen With Crisp Geometric Lines

You're the type of person who sets trends instead of follows them, so you know modern kitchens are more than just smart home gadgets. Use sharp geometric lines to capture visual interest to create your future-facing look.
Lazy Susan inside of cream coloured kitchen cabinet

6. Cut Down Clutter With Better Kitchen Storage

Clean up your act! If you live in a condo or townhouse, get creative by making full use of available space. Keep everything within reach with cabinet organizers. When it comes to clutter, it's all about out of sight, out of mind.
Eclectic kitchen with stainless steel built-in appliances and cabinets made from different materials and colours

7. Mix and Match Kitchen Cabinet Materials to Add Contrast

Different textures and finishes, same colour palette! Contrast light and dark cupboards and tie them together with stunning countertops. Throw in an eye-catching backsplash as a final touch.

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