Smart Home Devices: Real Smart Stories

Smart home devices can simplify your life, boost your home security, and make your living spaces cozier in many ways. Check out these four real smart stories from real people to find out how. Now, your house can be a helpful family member too!

Smart Technology in Your Home

Make sure that your home is always convenient, safe, and energy efficient. Thanks to our smart home solutions, we’ve made sure all your everyday needs are met.

Stephen and Jeff’s Story

Stephen and Jeff are twins and have the same goal: to be the best dads and partners ever. Their smart hubs have become essential to all their kitchen tasks. Learn how.

Smart Hubs as Kitchen Helpers

The Google Nest Hub makes those moments at home even more special and keeps your life organized. Thanks to voice control, you can cook and do other chores totally hands-free.


Carrie-Ann’s Story

Carrie-Anne is a single mother to a 5-year-old and two dogs. Smart lighting makes her life way easier and saves her time, thanks to voice control and other helpful features.

Bright Lighting Solutions

Smart bulbs let you:

  • select from millions of colours

  • choose your lighting warmth (warm to cool)

  • program your lighting to your routine

  • remotely control your lighting

  • go hands-free thanks to voice control

Plus, enjoy huge energy savings!


Pro Tip

Want to know more about our types of bulbs and advanced smart lighting solutions? Read our light bulb buying guide.

Mathieu’s Story

Mathieu, his partner, and another couple purchased a lake house. Since they’re away most of the time, Mathieu can count on smart technology to control their devices from a distance.

Better Safety with Smart Home Solutions

Safety is the top priority, whether that’s in your primary or secondary home. Make sure your home is safe and secure with motion-detection doorbells, smart thermostats, and water leak sensors.



Esther’s Story

Esther loves to use her Amazon Echo Show to keep in touch with her mother-in-law who is in her eighties. She uses it for everything: music, news, weather updates, and so much more!

Multifunction Device for All Your Needs

With the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Dot, you get a wide range of voice-activated commands in one compact device that fits seamlessly into any room. Your do-it-all device for video calls, alarms, timers, news, weather, road conditions, and more.


More Smart Products for You

A number of other smart products exist on the market to help make your home cozier, your daily life more Zen, and your surroundings safer.


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