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By Amanda Reid

Our kitchen has been a work in progress since we bought our house back in 2011. Once a dark and slightly updated open space, we have been slowly picking away each year with renovation projects in hopes of getting to our dream kitchen and laundry room. This year, we finally took the plunge on a bigger project: the kitchen and laundry room floor.

Style-wise, our tile wasn’t too shabby. It was a neutral brown pattern that hid crumbs like a dream from all the goldfish crackers and shrapnel from my son’s meals, but the previous homeowners really put this ceramic tile through the ringer. A handful of tiles have cracks, a few pieces even have popped out and there’s grout picking away from each time we vacuum. But one of the reasons it has been at the bottom of our “to-do” list is because our kitchen tile leads into our laundry room, so it’s a much bigger job than just our kitchen itself! So, after this past year with our toddler adding to the chaos, we knew we needed to put it at the top of the list, all with the help of our local home improvement store, Lowe’s Canada.

Besides being able to browse and shop via my smartphone on my downtime at (for those of you who prefer shopping online, Lowe’s is unparalleled to other home improvement stores, with over 100,000 products to choose from online!), they recently opened up a brand new location, the Lowe’s Windsor — East store, that is 10 minutes from my house! Talk about convenient! The lovely and patient customer service representatives helped us through the struggle of finally pulling the trigger on the perfect tile for our space.

It was a tough choice. We bought several single pieces of floor tile to bring home and feel out with the rest of the room, most of which were super light in colour. We ended up going with the Galvano Charcoal Porecelain Granite Floor and Wall Tile for both the kitchen and laundry room (which we scored on sale, too!)

When it came to the grout, my husband and I had no idea what to get. We spent our Saturday night at our local Lowe's store on a mission to get the final items needed for our project. From sanded to unsanded, a variety of shades, and different quantities, the educated representatives in the flooring department were there to guide us through Lowe’s grout and floor accessories. With their insight, we left with the right amount of the MAPEI Keracolor Sanded Grout in Pewter, with time left to grab some dinner.

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Smiling brown-haired woman with white shirt and open grey sweater

Amanda Reid

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