Try four new Christmas decoration trends to slay the holidays. Deck your halls with stylish Christmas ornaments and decor from your tree to your tabletop. Explore this year’s Christmas trends Gilded Baroque, Hygge Holiday, Ethereal Eve, and Holiday Cheer.

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Trim your tree and decorate your digs indoors and out. From Christmas ornaments and tree toppers to cozy candles and pillows, we’ve got what you need for your next festive gathering.

Gilded Baroque 

Gilded Baroque is a mix of nature’s most beautiful elements in wintry interpretations. An overall sense of formality is key for this traditional look. Casual elements and subtle rustic touches keep this trend from feeling heavy.

Hygge Holiday

Hygge Holiday embraces everything “Hygge.” Think cozy materials, natural woods, outside-in motifs, and a sophisticated yet comfortable colour palette of rich hues.

Ethereal Eve 

Ethereal Eve skates between a frozen winter wonderland and crystallized seascapes. Pale misty hues alternate with deeper colors that ground the palette. Softly iridescent, with iced and reflective surfaces.

Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer celebrates beloved family traditions and childhood wonder. Adorn your home in classic Christmas decor to cherish year after year in a lively palette of red, green, and gold.

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