4 Modern Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Explore our top bathroom storage solutions and bathroom ideas. From bathroom vanities to bathroom cabinets and shelves, your bathroom storage can be both practical and beautiful. Learn how to make the most of your cabinets, and make your storage solutions fit seamlessly into your bathroom design.

1. Customize Your Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are a part of our everyday life, whether we're standing over them to brush our teeth or washing up before going to bed. It can be one of the most important fixtures in any modern bathroom, and should be personalized to meet your needs. 

If you have a growing family, try converting a bottom drawer from your vanity into a pull-out step stool for the kids. Measure and custom fit a solid piece of wood that can be attached to the top of the drawer edges; it can be sanded smooth and painted or covered in your favourite wallpaper. You may need to remove the kickplate to allow for clearance so your drawer can easily slide back in place. 

Looking for more ways to save floor space? One way to do so in your bathroom is adding floating vanity storage. You can also maximize the storage you already have in your vanities and linen cabinets by adding pull-out shelf organizers to sort your toiletries and cleaning products.


2. Make the Most of Your Bathroom Cabinets

If you don't have room for a bathroom vanity, medicine cabinets provide essential wall storage. They come in a variety of designs that have evolved over the years from sterile to stylish. 

Tip: Keep your medicine cabinet looking sleek both inside and out by ensuring it's stocked with the most-used personal items at the bottom and rare or occasional-use items at the top.

 Mirrored medicine cabinets help create the illusion of expanded space, and can be used to add extra polish to your bathroom when installed inside your wall. 

Note: If you want to add a recessed medicine cabinet, ensure the area is clear from plumbing or electrical wires first.

For smaller DIY projects, add "pockets" for sharp objects on the back of your medicine cabinet door with layered and folded wallpaper, or paint over it in chalkboard or whiteboard paint so you have a space for notes and reminders. If you always find yourself looking for smaller items, such as razor blades or floss, consider storing them on a magnetic strip.


3. Use Open Bathroom Shelves for a Spa Retreat Look

Your bathroom shelves can be both functional and fashionable by showcasing your favourite things.

Use them to openly mix items for a modern look, such as flowers, colourful linens and towels, decorative canisters or jarsframed artwork or photostealight candles, or baskets.

When adding towels to shelves or linen cabinets, be sure to point the edges away from your view so the folded crease faces outward. You can also roll the towels and stack them on your shelves for a decorative flourish that fits in tight spaces. 

Different shelves can also work best in specific locations. Add a ledge above your sink for your daily use, or mount shelf space above your doorway for extra toilet paper and other bathroom storage. If you have empty wall space behind your toilet, consider a tall storage cabinet for an attractive display. 


4. Finish with Decorative Baskets & Glass Accents

Decorative baskets and glass accents are a cost-effective way to give your bathroom a facelift without installation or new furnishings.

Keep dirty towels and clothes out of sight with woven laundry baskets that bring natural warmth to your bathroom style. 

Clear vases or canisters also serve a beautiful and practical purpose. Use them to hold cotton balls, swabs, and other toiletries within reach. Build your eclectic collection of glass containers in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, or complement minimalist décor by lining multiples of the same item in a row. 


Complete Your Bathroom Aesthetic

Now that your storage solutions are solved, you can work on completing the whole look of your bathroom. From bathroom faucets to bathroom decor, we offer the top brands and best quality for a practical and modern powder room.


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