Lighting Ideas for Every Room

Lights are an important part to the look and feel of any room, learn what type of lighting works for every area of your house. From chandeliers to floor lamps to lanterns, we have everything you need to brighten your home.

Ceiling Light Fixtures: Chandeliers, Pendants & More

If you want to brighten the entire room, the best way to go are ceiling light fixtures. They are sure to illuminate the whole room and, depending on the light fixture you choose, they also act as a statement piece.  

Chandeliers: Chandelier are versatile, as you can hang them in any high-traffic room. Offering as little or as much light as you need, chandeliers also add a decorative element to the room.   

Pendants: These are perfect if you want to add a little extra light to specific areas. They are great for hanging over tables, couches, or desks.  

Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans are dual purpose fixtures. Not only do they provide light, but they also cool the room more effectively than table fans. You’ll want to have your ceiling fan installed in areas that are high traffic, like the living room or in bedrooms for those warm summer nights.

Pot Lights: Stylish and practical, pot lights are great if you want to highlight particular pieces of art or special features, like your granite countertops. They also add a certain modernity to the room. 

Best For:
  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Home offices
  • Basements 

Accent Light Fixtures: Table Lamps, Floor Lamps & More

Accent light fixtures are best suited for rooms where relaxation is the main goal. Table lamps can sometimes provide additional light for reading or when you’re on your laptop.  

Table Lamps: Table lamps are a great accent to a living room or bedroom. Not only do they offer light right by your bedside or your couch, they can also match the decor of your room.  

 Floor Lamps: Floor lamps are a great alternative to ceiling light fixtures. While they don’t have as much illumination, they don’t need to be installed and are easy to move around a room. 

Desk Lamps: Desk lamps provide a focused light in the area they are placed. Like their name suggests, these lights are ideal for work spaces. The light from the lamp helps reduce eye strain as you work.  

Best For:
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Home offices
  • Hallways

Outdoor Light Fixtures: Lanterns, String Lights & More

Outdoor lighting makes your home safer and more secure by providing necessary illumination for walkways, steps, and entrances. These days, outdoor lighting can also include decorative lanterns and string lights, setting the perfect atmosphere for dinner outside.  

Lanterns: Lanterns add a decorative element to your deck or patio. Their low light creates a picturesque atmosphere. 

String Lights: Super easy to set up, string lights are not only elegant, but they are also eco-friendly! Simply hang them from your deck railing, trees, or from your pergola and you’re good to go.  

Security Lights: The use of security lighting, in conjunction with timers, can add peace-of-mind by providing a lived-in look while you're away from home. It also ensures the area around the house is well-lit when you arrive home after dark. 

Best For:
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Front porches

Wall Light Fixtures: Vanity Lights, Wall Sconces & More

Wall lights combine practicality with functionality. They offer light in areas where floor and table lamps and ceiling light fixtures can’t be installed. Wall light fixtures are available in various styles. 

Vanity Lights: From styling your hair to applying makeup, vanity lights give off the right amount of light when you’re getting ready in the morning. Usually placed above the mirror, there are lots of options to choose from to match the look of your bathroom.  

Wall Sconces: Wall sconces are perfect for hallway lights. Mounted onto the wall they are a charming addition to any corridor in your home.  

Wall Lamps: Wall lamps are ideal for condo-dwellers or homeowners who don’t have room to spare. Installed directly to the wall, they are easier to install than a ceiling mounted light fixture, and don’t take up any table or floor space.  

Best For:
  •  Bathrooms
  • Hallways

We’ll Install it for You! 

Shop in-store or online to choose your new fan or lighting fixture. A Lighting Specialist will help you select the products that best suit your needs, as well as coordinate your installation.

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