The Latest Paint Trends for Every Room

Colour can transform any room with just a few swipes of the brush! Whether you’re looking to repaint a whole room, add a dramatic accent wall or put a pop of colour on the ceiling, you need to make sure you’ve found the right colour for the space. We’ve taken a look at the latest paint trends to find out what colours homeowners should be looking for and which rooms they’ll look their best in!


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Warm Neutrals

While stark white and cool-toned grey may have dominated walls for the past few years, we’re started to lean back towards warmer-toned colours. Creamy off-whites, greige (grey-beige) and sandy pinks are the new neutrals that instantly add warmth and comfort to your rooms, without sacrificing style. These shades are perfect for transitional spaces like entryways or mudrooms.

Look for: Ice Castle by Sico, Winter Calm by Valspar

Moody Blues and Greens

Pantone revealed their 2020 colour of the year was Classic Blue (we prefer to call it Lowe’s blue), and now the shade is popping up everywhere. You can bring blue accents into any room, but we love a living room with rich, blue walls. Darker, moodier shades are also coming into play – navy blues can look unexpected yet striking in kitchens, and peacock green can liven up just about any room.

Look for: Mystic Cobalt by Sico, Classic Teal by Valspar

Millennial Mint

Sorry millennial pink, we’ve moved on. Mint green is the new shade of choice for the younger crowd, and it’s starting to emerge in unexpected places. A soft green in your bathroom is surprisingly fresh and fun, but if you’d prefer a more subtle shade, muted sage greens are just as nice. Tip: The bathroom is a great place to play with unconventional colours since it’s typically a smaller room!

Look for: Mint Whisper or Secluded Garden by Valspar

Black and White

Black is another colour we’re seeing in unexpected places – specifically, exteriors! A rich black exterior, or even just a front door, can make a home stand out on a street. If you’d rather keep your colour changes indoors, high contrast black and white rooms are the way to go. Kitchens and bathrooms are great places to have fun with these colours, particularly using tiles and patterns to pull it all together. A kitchen with white lower cabinets, black upper cabinets and a chic backsplash can look classic and modern all at the same time.

Look for: Grand Piano by Sico, Dark Kettle Black by Valspar

Earth Tones

Shades like rust, burnt orange and terracotta are another way to bring warm and earthy colours into your home! Brighter, more orangey shades are best used sparingly in areas like a guestroom or entryway so it doesn’t overpower your home. Even a front door with a pop of orange could be a fun and creative way to work the trendy shade into your home without committing to a full redecoration!

Look for: Canyon Earth by Valspar, Rust Earth or Terracotta Tiles by Sico

Bolder Hues

Maybe it’s that all-white homes were trendy for so long, or maybe it’s that millennials are tired of renting and want to get creative once they finally move into their own place. Regardless, bright, bold hues are coming back in a big way! Bright yellow bedrooms or punchy colour combinations (orange and blue!) are eye-catching decorating ideas that are worth trying out – even if only for a little while!

Look for:Tempered Sage by Valspar, Lemon Tart by Sico

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