Our top 10 kitchen renovation ideas include designs that can work with any layout. Get home improvement tips and advice for your kitchen cabinets, island, and more.

1. Reinvent with New Kitchen Cabinets

Of all your kitchen renovation projects, changing your cabinets will guarantee the greatest impact. New cabinetry not only transforms your kitchen's look and practical use; it increases the value of your home. 

For a simple, cost-effective solution, mix and match Eklipse kitchen cabinet collections. Assembly is as easy as a simple click, suitable for all DIY levels. Find the latest styles and finishes available online and pick-up in-store. 

Get inspired: Peruse our kitchen Pinterest board or discover more design ideas and custom cabinet collections, available for special order in-store with a Kitchen Specialist. 


2. Look for Style & Substance in Your Countertops

Trying to decide between laminate or solid-surface kitchen countertops? While laminate seems more budget-friendly, take the leap to granite and quartz as a long-term investment. 

Made from natural stone, they're more than a stunning addition to the heart of your home. These slabs can boost your resale value and serve as the ultimate cooking surface. Solid-surface countertops are low-maintenance and resistant to heat, water, bacteria, and stains. 

Keep in mind that granite and quartz countertops also work best with undermount kitchen sinks.


3. Save Time & Energy with Powerful Appliances

It's easy to take them for granted! Don't wait until old appliances start to show their wear and tear before shopping for replacements. 

ENERGY STAR® certified major appliances — such as refrigerators and dishwashers — offer annual savings for your electricity bill. Popular for eco-conscious consumers, they are also environmentally-friendly. 

From black stainless steel finishes to built-in installations, start digging and do your research. You'll find appliances with special features and technology that offer the best fit for your lifestyle. 


4. Make a Splash with Sink & Faucet Upgrades

Avoid common DIY installation mistakes for kitchen sink and faucet upgrades. Purchase your faucet first before you buy a kitchen sink to match the appropriate number of holes. Likewise, when shopping for your faucet, consider what kind of sink you need. 

For example, growing families may opt for a deep apron sink for bathing a baby. Hands-free faucets accommodate all physical abilities, while pull-down faucets offer control and flexibility for filling large pots. 



 5. Layer Lighting to Let Your Kitchen Shine

As a general rule in the kitchen, and any other room at home, design experts recommend layering different lighting types in the same space. 

There are four types of lighting that each serve a purpose. Track lighting or semi-flush ceiling lights are examples of ambient lighting; they provide a warm, pleasant glow and set the general mood or atmosphere. 

Task lighting spotlights areas such as under cabinets or above the kitchen island, where more visibility is needed. 

Decorative lighting, such as chandeliers and pendant lights, add visual interest. Accent lighting like directional spot lights bring attention to little details. 


6. Treat Your Backsplash like a Canvas

 Your backsplash is more than a protective barrier; it's a focal point for your kitchen. 

Think about the colour palette and patterns that complement your cabinetry to help to pull your look together. For simple, sleek minimalism, cover your walls with subway tiles in repetition. If your style is bold and trendy, you could mix and match different tiles, featuring decorative elements above the stove or sink. 

Remember to order extras to replace broken pieces during your installation. They'll also be handy in case of future repairs. 


7. Get Swept Away by Polished Flooring

Hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or stone tile — which to choose? While weighing pros and cons, keep in mind your kitchen flooring must resist water damage and humidity. Finding the right underlayment is the best way to start. 

Some prefer stone tiles as the best for maintenance and durability. Others argue hardwood flooring (outside of softer cedar and pine) can also stand the test of time and withstand spills. 

For more affordable, easy-to-install flooring, laminate can simulate the look of stone or hardwood. Vinyl not only does the same, but also has a softer feel for longer periods of standing. 


8. Step Up Your Kitchen Furniture

Play with your space by adding kitchen furniture with a purpose. 

Are you a condo dweller or renter with a small kitchen? Add a kitchen cart to maximize available space when installation and renovation may not be an option. Pot racks also work as an eye-catching feature and serve as extra storage for pots and pans. 

If you have a large island and high traffic in your kitchen, bar stools make for a lively hangout spot. 


9. Keep it Organized with Kitchen Storage

Get rid of clutter and unsightly messes with proper kitchen storage

Have you ever strained your back trying to grab something at the very back of a cupboard? For easier reach, quickly assemble pull-out organizers in lower cabinets. You can install Lazy Susans into corner units or insert recycling and waste baskets concealed from view. 

Learn more about built-in kitchen storage options, from a hidden pantry to special spice racks! View custom cabinet collections online or visit a Kitchen Specialist in-store for more assistance. 


10. Use Pulls & Knobs to Refresh Your Look

For practical reasons, your cabinet hardware should be comfortable and durable for everyday use. When paired with neutral cabinets, updated pulls and knobs keep your kitchen trendy, from rustic country to urban chic. 

If you have a particular theme in mind, consider your cabinet hardware's materials, its texture, and intricacy in design. Consider also trying to match your faucet finish — it's the little things that help to pull your kitchen together for that final look. 


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