10 Inspiring Entryway and Mudroom Ideas to Enhance Your Home

An entryway or a mudroom is a functional area of your house that gets a lot of heavy usage, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Incorporating lots of creative storage solutions and surprising design tricks can take your mudroom from being the catch-all spot of your home to a stand-out space.

1. Use Wall Space for Hooks & Racks

Whether you’re designing your front entryway or a mudroom off your garage, you’ll want to include a space to hang all your coats, hats, scarves and umbrellas. Adding a row of hooks along the wall is a simple storage solution that doesn’t take up much space, but still lets you keep the essentials on hand.

2. Put in a Storage Bench

Furniture that doubles as storage is the best thing that could happen to your mudroom! Pick up a storage bench that functions as seating (perfect for putting your shoes on before you head out), while also opening up to store shoes, hats, or even hockey equipment right near the door. You can even DIY a custom storage bench by upcycling an old bookcase — find out how.

3. Use Cubbies or Lockers

If you have kids, one of the best things you can add to your mudroom is individual cubbies or lockers to keep everyone’s stuff together! Instead of hooks hanging above a storage bench, look for pieces that separate into cubbies or pick up some wood and add individual shelves yourself. Add chalkboard paint so each kid can decorate their own space!

4. Add a Closet

If you have a lot of outerwear and not much space, you can create a hidden closet in your mudroom! Too many clothes on open shelving and hooks can just make the space look cluttered, so try adding doors and making an enclosed closet. This way, you can store all your jackets and coats in one place and keep the room looking clean and organized.

5. Combine Your Mudroom and Laundry Room

When you can, make the room multi-functional. Adding a washer and dryer to your mudroom is smart; it’s in a space separate from the main living area, but closer to the action than a basement. If you have a smaller space to work with, try stacking the washer and dryer on top of each other to cut down on space.

6. Install a Sink For Easy Clean-Ups

If you’re planning to use your mudroom as a laundry space as well, you should also add a utility sink for hand washing clothes. But even if you’re not moving the laundry to the mudroom, a sink is a great addition to a mudroom. It can be used for gardening, crafting or cleaning off pets as they come in from outside.

7. Pick the Perfect Flooring

Picking the right flooring is where fashion and function most collide. There are lots of stylish options, but you’ll want to ensure you choose something durable and easy to clean. Tile, wood and vinyl floors are all popular choices for mudrooms. If you can, try adding radiant heat below the floors to be instantly greeted by warmth when you come inside!

8. Add Visual Interest With Fun Wallpaper

Adding statement wallpaper can liven up your entryway or mudroom, particularly if it’s the first room guests see when entering your house! You can play with your style and bring in something elegant and sophisticated, fun and whimsical, or rustic and natural. You can also choose a pattern with natural hues which adds visual interest to the space without adding to the existing colour scheme.

9. Floating Shelves Add Storage Without Bulk

Another stylish storage option is to add floating shelves to your entryway or mudroom. This is also ideal for smaller spaces, where installing a storage unit may be clunky and take up too much space. Open shelves are also one of the most versatile options for decor -- you can switch up the items you want to display quickly and easily, reinvigorating the room regularly!

10. Get Creative With Unique Storage Solutions

No two mudrooms or entryways are the same, and yours may have a unique need that standard cubbies can’t help. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try your hand at some DIY storage solutions! If you’re lacking in closet space near the laundry area, you may want to install an ironing board hanger to store it on the wall or add a closet rod to hang clothes. If your entryway table is constantly cluttered with mail and flyers, try adding a mail sorter.

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