Makeover the front of the house and porch with outdoor furniture, lighting, shrubbery, and more! From installing a new front door to freshening up your driveway, learn how to improve your curb appeal for less!

Refresh for Less

It’s never been easier to refresh your home for less! From home decor pieces to hardware, find everything you need to transform your home inside and out. Browse the Lowe’s flyer or shop online to find out about our latest promotions today!

1. Add Cozy Seating

Cozy up to your loved ones with plush conversation sets! While the backyard is famous for its patio sets and outdoor seating, we think it’s time to give your front porch some love. This addition is perfect to create a cozy nook at the front of the house. 

Add your own flare with contrasting cushions and pillows! Consider adding a side table – a perfect spot to rest your drink or favourite novel. 

2. Brighten Up Your Front Porch with New Lighting

Light up the way for your guests with an upgrade to your outdoor light fixtures. From wall sconces to flush mount lighting, there are endless possibilities. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a dark door step, but you probably don’t want to keep your porch lights on all day. With the help of motion sensors, you can have your lights come on only when you need them. 

Step into the 21st century with smart lights! These lights allow you to control your lights from an app on your phone and they also alert you if the motion sensor has gone off while you’re away. Some models of flood lights come with extra safety features (like a built-in camera)! 

Tip: Make sure you purchase lights with a UL rating for damp or wet locations. Damp location UL ratings are ideal for covered porches, while wet location UL ratings are safe to use for uncovered areas. 


3. Upgrade Your Front Door

A front door can completely transform the look of your home and with so many types you can choose one that reflects your personal style. Get an intricate glass design or install a door with built-in blinds. Be sure to look for doors with an insulating core for optimal energy efficiency!  

Did you know we install doors? Book your free-consultation today! 


4. Upgrade Your Door Handles!

If you don’t want to upgrade your door, a cost-effective option is to simply upgrade your front door hardware. Available in sets or on their own, front door handles come in many finishes. Choose from brass, chrome, black, nickel, and more! An easy upgrade, door hardware is a simple DIY project perfect for Saturday afternoon. 


5. Plant Shrubs

Go green with the addition of shrubs to your front yard! Add a row of shrubs leading up to your doorway. This will create clean lines and add a new dynamic to your landscape. They change colours in the fall, so your front yard will be a rainbow of colours come October. Another benefit is their ability to filter pollutants and dust from the air. 

Tip: The best shrubs for newbie gardeners include Crimson Fire Loropetalum, Wintergem Boxwood, and Flirt Nandina.


6. Update Your Patio Stones

Lead your guests to your home with style! Whether you want something functional or something more stylish, you can create a stunning pathway with a simple patio stone update. Choose traditional red brick or go with a more modern look with contrasting dark and light stone. To accent your walkway, add pavers along the sides as a border for a simple but elegant look.   

If you want something unique, extend the front porch out to your yard! Add patio pavers to the grass as solid foundation for items like patio benches, fountains, ponds, and more! 


7. Add Potted Plants!

Add some greenery to your front porch with the addition of planters! Take advantage of all that space near your front window and door. Adding hanging planters or window boxes will make your front porch fragrant and beautiful. Have fun with colours! From a peppy turquoise to a demure brass, there are a lot of options to choose from. 

Starting a container garden is super simple, just make sure you have potting soil and you’re good to go! Pack your container with foliage, bright flowers, or fresh herbs!

For more tips check out our Planter Buying Guide


8. Refresh Your Driveway

Keeping your driveway looking fresh is the ultimate way to up your curb appeal. It’s often the first thing visitors see, so having a driveway full of potholes and loose asphalt is never pretty. Resealing your driveway is a simple weekend DIY that will have lasting results on the value of your home. 

It’s important to upkeep your driveway by regularly cleaning the surface with a brush or driveway spot cleaner and fill any cracks as soon as they appear. 

Learn how to restore your asphalt driveway here


9. Paint Your Mailbox or Bench

Give your mailbox a mini-makeover! A quick refresh of your mailbox will give the front of your house an extra pop. Pick vibrant colours like red, yellow, blue, or orange. For easy clean-up use semi-gloss paint. Make sure you use exterior paint to protect your newly painted mailbox or bench from the elements. 

Get creative and make your own stencils and add different shapes or your family name! 

10. Add Decor Pieces to Your Front Door

Wreaths are not just for the holidays! Decorate your front door with a beautiful decor piece all year round. You can add an elegant door knocker or seasonal wreaths to your front door. A simple and cost-effective way to amp up the aesthetic of your front door, these additions will make a noticeable impact on the look of your home’s entryway. 


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