How to Organize Your Kitchen on a Budget

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Jessica Van Gaalen
By Jessica Van Gaalen

In case this photo of my clean kitchen gives you the impression that I'm super organized and have my life together, I don't, or should I say I didn’t, up until a few weeks ago when I had the pleasure of partnering with Lowe's to organize my kitchen on a budget. I’m embarrassed to show the BEFORE photos because well… just see for yourself. It was bad, so bad.

This was my reality. I didn’t stage these photos, this was me, opening the drawer, snapping a photo and wanting to cry knowing that I would be posting this for everyone to see. But I’m so excited to say that my drawers and pantry do not look like this anymore, thanks to the incredible storage organization options at Lowe’s.

We used a variety of different drawer and cabinet organizers to truly transformation this space on a budget.

Check out the before and after: 

Here’s an up close photo of the Rev-A-Shelf Metal Pull Out Basket that we installed on the bottom four shelves of the pantry and you guys are never going to believe it… they come assembled and require only four screws for a complete install. The box says they take five minutes to install but to be honest, it’s more like two minutes and they’re super heavy duty and can hold a lot of weight.

The racks pull out all the way and have the “soft close” feature which insures your little ones won’t be able to slam it shut and have the snacks flying everywhere. If you love the look of these pull-out shelves but are worried they’re too big for your space, they have a variety of different sizes available here, as well as specific organizers for pots and pans, baking sheets, wine, etc.

In the pantry we paired the pull-out baskets with clear plastic storage containers in a variety of different sizes to help organize all Lincoln’s snacks and keep things as clean and tidy as possible.

After the pantry was organized the next space I wanted to tackle was the drawer that stores all Lincoln’s cups, plates, and bowls. This drawer was probably the messiest and least organized drawer in our entire house, let alone just the kitchen. I started by taking everything, throwing out all the garbage and I quickly realized he had way more than he needed. I run the dishwasher every single day, so I don’t need 50 plates and 100 cups, ya’know? After doing that I decided to move all of his things to the top drawer, since I had moved all the snacks from the top drawer and organized them into the pantry.

It’s crazy how quickly you can organize a space by just getting rid of the access and buying a few storage bins like these ones.

Up next I’ll be tackling our spices, using this spice drawer organizer can be trimmed with a sturdy straight edge and utility knife and set into the drawer without screws.

What’s one room in your home you feel could be a little more organized? Don’t be shy, we all have them!

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