How to Choose the Best Shade of White Paint

Update your space in style with the perfect shade of white paint. We have a plethora of helpful tips to help you choose the best shade of white paint for all your favourite rooms. From trendy shades of grey to creamy off-white hues, read on to learn more about how you can elevate every room of your home with just the right white colour.

Enhance Your Home With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Whether it's eggshell, matte or a high sheen, we carry a range of paint to suit your needs. From light cream colours to a warm beige, we have everything you need to paint your home and make it look refreshed and new. Talk to one of our Paint Specialists in-store, or browse our online selection of paint and painting tools today!

Keep It Cool With Cool-Toned Whites

Finding the perfect shade of white paint depends on the overall colour temperature of the room. For spaces with cool hues like a blue colour, you'll want to paint the walls in a white that also features cool undertones. With cool white paint, you'll be able to highlight the bold colours in the room like deep blue and green furniture, curtains, or area rugs. The cool white tone helps to create a distinctive contrast that makes the room visually appealing and modern. Rooms with lots of natural light also look stunning when painted in a cool white colour since they offset the natural warmth that comes from sunlight.

Create an Inviting Space With Warm White

From the kitchen to your bedroom, white paint with warm undertones often has a base of yellow or red. These warm colours will contribute to the space's rich, inviting feel. Consider a warm white paint colour in rooms with rustic-inspired décor or furniture in neutral tones like beige and tan. Anything made of natural material like wood works beautifully in rooms painted in a warm white shade. This shade of white is best in rooms where you're aiming to create a cozy feel.

Get Versatility With Pure White

For those who prefer the brightest white shade possible, pure white is an essential choice. This colour works well in any style home, whether it's rustic, modern, or a mixture of different motifs. Pure white is extremely versatile because it contains the least amount of undertone (warm or cool). While you can paint an entire room in pure white, it tends to work best as an accent colour. Paint your trim, baseboards, and moulding using pure white, or use it to accent furniture and decor.

Test With Several Swatches First

Before you decide on a white paint shade, it's recommended that you test a few colours using swatches or samples first. A warm white shade may look too pink-toned once it's placed against your walls. Pure white may appear too cold in large rooms, while cool whites may clash with your flooring, furniture, or décor. Use a paint sample to try a few different hues and paint them in wide brushstrokes directly on the wall. A movable paint swatch is also a great way to test the way your white paint looks in different lighting and various rooms throughout the home. By using swatches or samples, you can easily determine the perfect white colour for any given room.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

While white is certainly a versatile paint colour, you can also choose paint tones within the same family. A very light grey colour is always appealing and works wonderfully in modern and rustic-inspired homes alike. Beige is a fabulous option if you need to warm up a room, while cream can add charm to a bedroom or bathroom. Consider an eggshell paint finish for trim and doorways since it's easy to clean without being too shiny. You can paint your walls in one shade of grey, beige, or cream. Paint the trim and other features in a different shade to create a subtle two-tone look.

Keep Lighting in Mind

When choosing a white paint colour, always take the lighting into consideration to help your find the perfect shade. Lighting with warm or cool undertones can help you determine which shade of white will be best for your space. Alternatively, you can swap out your current light bulbs to adjust the undertones from cool to warm or vice-versa. Light temperature is measured in Kelvins. If your lighting has low Kelvins, it's warmer, while higher numbers translate to cooler tones. Take a closer look at your light bulbs' packaging to determine their Kelvin measurement and use this as a guide to help you choose the ideal white paint colour.

Choose the Right Finish for the Right Room

Aside from looks, it's important to select the right finish for your white paint. Rooms with lots of activity or households with children may require paint in a high gloss or semi-gloss finish. This paint finish makes it easier to wipe your walls and trim clean and is also recommended for bathrooms and kitchens. A flatter sheen such as matte is a good choice for a master bedroom or formal room. Personalize the colour and paint finish for each room so that it fits your lifestyle and makes life easy.

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