Green Landscaping Ideas for an Energy-Efficient Home

Go green this summer with our eco-friendly landscaping tips. Make a difference in your garden and backyard with energy-efficient lighting, animal friendly lawn fertilizer, sustainable decking, and more!

Create the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Backyard

From solar-power lighting to rain water barrels we have everything you need to create an environmentally-friendly outdoor living area. You can visit us in-store and speak to a Garden Centre specialist about the best fertilizer and garden care options for your yard. Learn more about our eco-friendly landscaping options online and in-store today!

Plant an Organic Garden

Whether you have a green thumb or not, planting an organic garden will do wonders for our eco-system and your health! Organic gardens reduce chemical runoff due to the lack of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Using compost or organic pesticides will help keep your garden eco-friendly and make your vegetables taste even more delicious! For more information about what to plant, visit your local Garden Centre and speak to a Specialist today. 


Go Green with Natural Patio Stones & Pavers

Speaking of hardscaping, if you’re going to add patio stones and pavers make sure to look for those made with sustainable material. Any patio stone made with natural material like concrete or stone will be beneficial to the environment over time. Compared to their rubber counterpart, these natural materials break down easier and will have little to no impact on the environment come disposal time.  

Some pavers include a feature that filters rain water through the paver, which eliminates water pollution by allowing the storm water to absorb back into the soil. 

For more tips, check out our Patio Stone & Paver Patio Buying Guide.


Use Animal Friendly Lawn Care

Everyone wants a perfect lush lawn, but it’s important to think of local wildlife and your pets when selecting which fertilizer to use. Look for fertilizers that are water soluble to help reduce chemical runoff. 

There are also natural ways to ward off pests and termites. You can match your grass to growing conditions to ensure a long and healthy life for your lawn or reduce lawn space through hardscaping. Learn more about eco-friendly pest control ideas for your garden and lawn here. 


Put the Spotlight on Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Brighten up your outdoor space while saving the planet! Solar powered outdoor lights will not only help lower your energy intake, but they also save you money. There are many different solar powered outdoor lights available for your landscape. Try solar powered post lighting or solar powered deck stair lights to illuminate your deck. For your patio set there are solar powered lanterns and faux lights that run on batteries. The possibilities are endless! 

For more tips check out our Outdoor Lights Buying Guide.  


Build Your Deck with Sustainable Materials

Sustainable lumber is essential when creating your eco-friendly outdoor living space. Sustainable lumber is lumber that comes from sustainably managed forests and is renewable due to the way deforestation is managed. Types of sustainable lumber include:

  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Reclaimed cedar

Be sure to check for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label when shopping for lumber. Their certification ensures that the lumber is coming from responsibly managed forests. 


Add Container Gardens to Your Back Patio or Front Porch

The more plants the better! Adding even more spots in your landscape for vegetation will help the planet exponentially. The more plants, the more you contribute to fostering cleaner air. Plants help clean the air of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. 

Eco-friendly plants include:
  • Feston Rose
  • Phalanopsis
  • Parlor Ivy
  • African Violets 
  • Yellow Goddess
  • Peace Lily

Tip: Use organic plant food and potting mix to reap more environmental benefits. 

For more on potted plants, check out our Planter and Pot Buying Guide.



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