4 Fresh Fall Gardening Ideas

Get four fresh fall gardening ideas to spice up your porch or backyard. Style autumn favourites like gourds, perennials, shrubs, fall flowers, and pumpkins with flair.

Fall in Love with Your Garden

Visit your local Lowe’s Fall Garden Centre to explore our assortment of low-maintenance perennial plants, including lively mums and long-lasting evergreens.

From tiny gourds to sculpted shrubs, there are plenty of ways to play with a rich palette of fall colours and contrasting sizes for breathtaking effect. Follow our tips to cultivate a rich, inviting, and charming landscape!

1. Add Pumpkins & Gourds to Make Surprising Arrangements

Take the typical fall decor basics — fresh pumpkins, cornstalks, decorative corn, or bales of straw — and give them a twist. Decorate your entranceway with chic planters that pair unexpected opposites, like soft leafy kale with tiny-but-bold gourds.

Pumpkins are especially popular because they’re so versatile. Indoors or out, real or artificial, Halloween or Thanksgiving — you’ll never run out of ways to spice up your seasonal style.


2. Mix & Contrast Brightly Hued Perennials

Do you love gardening with different plants each year? Autumn is the perfect time for cutting and pruning, as well as planting and transplanting perennials. Perennials grow back after a single planting and last longer than annuals, which can live up to a year.

When your planters are starting to look a little run down, give them new life by adding chrysanthemums, a popular perennial with beautiful shades. You can also create a striking container garden in three simple steps. Finding the right fall flowers can keep your yard looking colourful and cheerful until those first snowflakes start falling.

Tip: When you visit your Lowe’s Fall Garden Centre, get up close and personal with our ready-made assortments of annuals and perennials. Mix and match them together in-store to visualize your colour palette and have some fun!


3. Plant Flower Bulbs this Autumn for Gorgeous Blooms in the Spring

It’s no secret that thriving gardens need proper planning and preparation. Plant flower bulbs in autumn, and you’ll see the first bursts of colour in spring!

Take your pick from the most popular and best-loved flower bulbs of all — tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses, as well as many other varieties perfect for the season. Since bulbs bloom at different times during the spring, you can plant them among other perennials to add splashes of colour in the garden.

Tip: Bulbs should be planted as soon as possible. This provides time to establish strong root systems before the winter frosts set in. While the water inside the bulbs might freeze, it doesn't harm the cells of the bulbs themselves. Bulbs are available at a Lowe’s Fall Garden Centre near you.


4. Use Full, Fragrant Trees & Shrubs for Simple & Eye-Catching Impact

Bring breathtaking fall foliage to your landscape with lovely trees and shrubs. Add privacy or architectural interest with greenery such as cedar and spruce trees, or complement your garden design with classic bushes such as boxwood, hydrangeas, and dogwood.

These fall favourites bring a sense of height, structure, or texture alongside your blooms in your garden design. When your flowers begin to fade as the season gets cooler, they ensure your landscape remains an attractive display.


Plant Guide

The Lowe's Plant Guide is your source of plant and care information for all your favorite varieties! With over 12,000 types of plants, you can check your plant tags for care, maintenance, and other details. 

One Year Guarantee

Lowe's offers a one-year guarantee on all perennials, roses, shrubs, and trees. To redeem the guarantee:

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