10 Fast Fixes to Finish Your Basement Renovation

Finish your basement renovations on a budget and learn what it takes to add those special touches that will make your basement feel complete, while saving you money. Find out the latest ideas in basement decor on a budget.

1. Install Cozy Flooring

Basements are known to be a little less welcoming in the rest of the house. Adding an area rug can quickly remedy this. Bring the comfort in with the addition of an area rug. Look for colours that complement your seating and for a high pile height for extra coziness. Another cozy option is carpet tile. They are allergy friendly and can be placed right on the cement flooring.


2. Finish Your Walls with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Giving your basement a fresh coat of paint can liven up the space for little cost. Basements can get pretty dark so in terms of colour your best bet is something light or pastel. If you don‘t want to go for plain white, try a pastel blue or cream colour to help brighten up the space. 

Tip: Satin paint finishes can withstand moisture better than other kinds of paint. 


3. Keep it Interesting with Wallpaper

If you don't want to get out the rollers, you can always try wallpaper. Wallpaper will stick to cement walls, so you won't even have to worry about drywall. The great thing about wallpaper is you can buy only the amount you need, so that means less waste and more money in your wallet. You can place the wallpaper in stairway leading down to your basement or have an accent wall opposite the entertainment centre. 

Tip: Look for a clear water-proof sealant to protect your wallpaper from moisture. 


4. Put Your Best Foot Forward with a Carpet Runner

A simple, and cost-effective, way to update your basement is to add a runner to your basement steps. This is great way to protect your feet from the hard cement or wood stairs and add some style to your basement. Look for runners made with synthetic fibres, they hold-up when wet, and tend to last longer in high-traffic areas. 

When selecting a runner, remember to consider the style of your basement. If your basement is contemporary look for a solid colour or geometric pattern, if your basement is more traditional look for traditional Persian patterns.


5. Update Your Baseboards for a Complete Look

For basements that are drywalled baseboards are a great way to transform the entire look of your basement for less. They protect your wall from any bumps or scratches and, aesthetically speaking, baseboards will give the area a smooth, clean finish. MDF is the most cost-effective material plus it's super easy to use which means you can install it yourself! MDF is water-damage friendly, as it is resistant to mold and fungus.


6. Seal & Paint the Floors with Concrete Paint

Change the look of your floor and protect it with a coat of concrete paint. Concrete paint acts as a sealant to protect against any moisture from inclement weather or a leaky pipe, plus it will withstand any scratches and bumps. It also comes in a different colours, like silver, black, and copper. Concrete paint will save you money in the long-run, while giving your basement a complete look without the cost of installing hardwood.


7. Lighten Up Your Basement

Instead of installing a full set of pot lights, a floor lamp is an easy way to save you a ton of work and money. Floor lamps create soft light, whereas overhead lights can cast shadows in a basement due to the lack of natural light. Before you visit a store, make sure to take the eye-level test. Sit on your sofa and measure the height from the floor to your eye level. Look for a lamp that is at or below your eye-level to avoid glare.


8. Get Organized with Wall Shelves & Bookcases

Basements are great for storage space, but sometimes all that stuff can pile up. Regain control over your basement with storage items like wall shelves and bookcases. They are an easy way to keep organized and can completely update the look of your basement, plus they're easy on the bank account. Consider space and colour when selecting your storage units, it is important to measure twice and know how much weight the unit can handle. 

Tip: Try painting the storage shelves different colours for a unique and playful look. 


9. Divide & Conquer with a Room Divider

Looking to section off some space in your basement without starting a major renovation? Room dividers are here to help you and your savings account! Available in different colours, heights, patterns, and sizes, room dividers are an inexpensive way to create different rooms in your basement. if you want a quiet spot for an in-home office, or a playroom for the kids, a room divider will help keep it separate from the rest of the space. 

Tip: A room divider is also a good way to partition off the laundry area. 


10. Keep Warm with an Electric Fireplace

Keep your basement warm and cozy all winter long with an electric fireplace! The addition of a fireplace can create a new focal point in your basement seating area. An electric fireplace will provide warmth and transform your den, playroom, or man cave into a cozy space for the whole family. Most electric fireplaces come with a mantle, a perfect place to display family photos, artwork, or potted plants.


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