Fall Lawn Care & Garden Tips

Learn what it takes for to take care of your lawn and garden with our top fall lawn care tips! Pick up everything you need from fall fertilizer to plants, we'll help you get your lawn and garden ready before the first frost.

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Pick Up Some Fall Fertilizer

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will keep your lawn healthy and lush all the way through to spring. But not all fertilizers are the same! The main ingredients of fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These ingredients promote blade and root growth, as well cell function. Look for a formula of 20-8-8, which will give your lawn a shot of nitrogen. This gives your grass plenty of time to grow before the winter frost rolls in. 

Note: Always follow the manufacturer’s directions when spreading fall fertilizer 

Aerate the Soil

Loosen the soil while it’s still warm from the summer sun! Aerators help turn the ground, so it doesn’t become compacted. This means water, oxygen, and nutrients won’t be blocked from getting to the soil and will encourage healthy growth in your lawn and garden. Plus, all these little holes you’re punching into the grass will help get the fertilizer down to the roots! 


A quintessential autumn activity! Raking the leaves is an important part of fall lawn maintenance. Getting all the fallen leaves up off the ground keeps your grass healthy. Leaves block the sunlight and trap moisture, which can ultimately ruin the lawn you’ve been working on all summer.

Pro tip

Want to speed things up? Leaf blowers are wonderful to have at home. If you want the job done fast, with no labour, it’s the way to go.

Keep on Mowing

Get that mower out of the shed! Just because the warm weather is over doesn’t mean you should neglect cutting your lawn: grass continues to grow up until the first frost.  Make sure you’re trimming your lawn at a height of 2 ½ in. to 3 in. since longer grass is susceptible to mold during the winter, and shorter isn’t sustainable in the cold. 

Repair Any Bald Spots

Is your grass looking a patchy? Repair any bald spots on your lawn by spreading grass seed. A dense lawn is a healthy one, so spread as many seeds as you can. It will solve your lawn’s bare patches and create a resilient layer that will be strong against droughts in the future. Autumn is perfect weather for over seeding since the ground is still warm, but the sun won’t dry out any grass seeds. 

Clean Up Your Summer Garden

Time to face it, summer is over! Clean up your garden by pulling up any dead or diseased plants or vegetables to prevent their roots from spreading to your new healthy fall plants. You can do this by hand or with a cultivator. Then, go over the soil with a rake to get any remaining roots. Use your judgement to add any additional soil for your fall garden plans. 

Plant Trees & Shrubs

It’s the perfect time of year to plant trees and shrubs! Start planting in the beginning of October when the soil is still warm enough for the roots to actively grow. Trees and shrubs will have months to develop healthy roots before the next season. 

So roll up your sleeves and get your landscape looking sharp for next spring!

Tip: Remember to water your newly planted trees and shrubs since the cooler air can dry out plants quickly. 

Plant Bulbs

You should plant your spring bulbs in October. The cool air helps preserve the bulbs while they develop during the winter, and the heat in the spring will make your garden come alive with gorgeous blooms! 

The best flowers to plant include tulips, daffodils, crocus, iris, and hyacinths.  

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