6 Effortless Backyard Patio & Deck Makeover Ideas

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s Canada, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Cloe Thompson
By Cloe Thompson

The back deck has always been our favourite part of our house, yet I've never given it the love it deserves. Each year it looks a little worse for wear so this spring we finally decided to freshen it up and I'm pretty darn proud of the result because we are not handy in any way, shape, or form. Below I'll walk you through how we transformed our deck from 'blah' to 'yah!’

I don't think I'm the only one out there who obsesses over Pinterest-perfect patios at this time of year. I don't have a massive yard, perfect grass, a huge deck, or an unlimited budget. These are the reasons I never thought I could have a pretty outdoor space. 

I was thrilled to work with Lowe’s Canada for a little patio refresh because it was already on our list of things to do this spring, and it's a store I go to regularly and I’ve only had good experiences there. Their huge array of products — from outdoor furniture, garden needs including plants and planters, decor, plus any extra DIY needs like lumber, paint, and the likes — made it a one stop shop for this project.

Earlier this spring we re-stained our deck and added a bit more white stain to our previously brown deck. I also spray painted our old outdoor sectional from a dark brown resin material to black. It gave the furniture some new life and gave us a few more years of use out of it.  

When I walked into Lowe's on Canada Day long weekend, I had a good idea of what I wanted. I realized I wanted our deck to look like an outdoor living room, but I didn't have the budget to get all new patio furniture, fancy rugs and accessories. The reality is, living on the West Coast means we just don't get more than three months tops of patio use. So, it's not the best use of our money.  My goal was to create some sort of a planter or two on the wall to bring some greenery up behind the outdoor sofa. I also needed some outdoor pillows, a number of planters, plants and a means to string our lights up. 

We used the two large white planters and filled a small amount of cement mixture at the bottom to set a 10 foot long dowel. We used duct tape to secure the dowel while the cement set. Once it was set, my husband Matt painted the dowel white to match our railings, then I added some loose gravel for drainage and potting soil from the Garden Centre. After I planted some nice green bushes (I chose hibiscus trees), Matt attached an eye-hook to the top of each, and one to the side of our house. I loved this project because it was less than $40 plus the cost of whatever large planter and plant you choose, and it allows us to take the lights down easily when we have our umbrella up during the day. 

I think Matt got a lot more joy out of the dowel project than I did, because my favourite part of any patio is always plants. We used this half-moon planter and drilled two small holes in the bottom of each for drainage. I added about half the depth of each with ripped up cardboard for drainage, and filled with potting soil, and herbs. We actually mounted these to the wall and I'm pretty happy with how they look. Not only do they smell amazing, but I love being able to snip my most used cooking herbs right from my patio. 

The Lowe's Garden Centre staff helped me select the best plants for my patio and showed me how to care for them properly including watering schedules and fertilizer.

I changed a few more things up to really bring the space together, so here is a summary of what we did:

  • Re-stained the deck
  • Spray painted our existing outdoor sectional
  • Added greenery by using small and large planters, baskets, and wall planter with herbs and found plants that would add height, a bit of colour, and fullness to the space. I chose a variety of pre-made planters from Lowe’s like the tropical planter as well as my own creations, inside pots, and a few plants I already had.
  • Cozy elements including a few throw blankets and outdoor pillows including this one for some depth.
  • String lights and a solar powered chandelier to add warmth so we could use the space into the evenings.

A month ago, I was embarrassed to have friends come by our yard and now I am trying to host every barbeque I can this summer! Now onto the front porch! 

About the Author

Cloe Thompson

Cloe Thompson

Cloe is a nurse and mom of three living in Victoria, BC. She shares lifestyle, design, and motherhood on Instagram. Follow Cloe on Instagram.  

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