Follow our top 10 easy Christmas decorating ideas and tips for stunning festive style! Discover our Christmas tree decoration and home decor ideas a to add extra sparkle and shine. Get inspired with new old-fashioned ways to liven up your home for the holidays! There are plenty of naughty and nice ways to deck your halls for big Christmas blowouts or intimate family gatherings. Make your holidays bright with stunning decor to adorn and adore for years to come.

1. Start with a colour scheme that ties your room together

Elegant, rustic, or both? When you have a colour scheme, everything pulls together into one cohesive look. Check out this year’s new holiday trends for inspiration: Ethereal Eve, Gilded Baroque, Hygge Holiday and Holiday Cheer. When in doubt, you can always create a clean, chic look with white as your base to DIY own winter wonderland.

2. Use glass accents to give your Christmas tree extra glitz and glamour

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree is easy! Use our Christmas Tree Buying Guide to choose your artificial or fresh evergreen, then roll up your sleeves to add all the trimmings. Use glass Christmas ornaments that have glimmering, icy details to give your tree an eye-catching profile.

3. Juxtapose matching tableware with a bold centerpiece

Indulge your appetite for style and hearty Christmas dinners. If you’ve already picked a colour scheme, spread out your place settings with tableware and accessories that seamlessly coordinate together. Then throw in a lively Yuletide centerpiece that’s a feast for the eyes, from gold acorns to rustic birch candles.

 4. Weave in natural elements for rugged elegance.

Add a dash of fresh, romantic greenery that stirs up memories of annual traditions and simpler times. Share a kiss under the mistletoe or hang a wreath on your doorstep with boughs of holly. You’ll find it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas when the garlands are out.

5. Dress up high traffic areas at home for low effort, maximum impact

Admit it: Spreading the spirit of the season throughout your home is tiring. Save some time by decorating one or two of the most frequented areas beyond the living room like the kitchen, entryway and staircase. Bonus: You’ll have less to take down when the season is over!

6. Revel in kitschy cool that sparks your childhood nostalgia

Have a holly jolly Christmas for the kid in you! Collect colourful knick-knacks and playful decorations that’s guaranteed to spread some Holiday Cheer. This is the best only time of the year to reveal that you’re a stan for Santa.

7. Set up Insta-worthy holiday "shelfies" with the right props

Do it for the 'gram! Holiday shelfies are an easy way to stage flawless photo ops. Move aside that elf and make your own tableau with tabletop trees, stockings and firs. Your snaps will be hotter than chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

8. Avoid unwanted tangles and frozen fingers with outdoor projection lights

Snow joke — putting up Christmas lights in the dead of winter can be a pain. Greet Christmas carolers with projection lights that cast shadows, patterns and swirls on your house for a captivating spectacle outdoors.

9. Decorate unexpected objects of interest to show off your signature style

When you got it, flaunt it! Hanging ornaments on a chandelier walks a fine line between madness and genius. Add a personal touch to your Christmas decorations by embellishing ordinary fixtures to make them new again. Ribbons, garlands or tinsel, there are plenty of tools at your disposal to mix it up!

10. Let there be lots of light, everywhere.

Illuminating your home for the holidays is (literally) brilliant. From softly glowing candles to radiant string lights, layer different types of light to create a magical atmosphere. With the right kind of lighting, you can have yourself a merry little Christmas.


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