Create a Picture-Perfect Dining Room with Elegant Wall Panels

This post is sponsored by Lowe's Canada, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When we first moved into our home 5 years ago, our house was dark and in desperate need of updating. The walls were a dark mossy green, the trim was cherry stained (but very orange), and the floors were dark. Over the years, we have slowly updated the space to be brighter and inviting!

I think it is important to note that home renovations of any kind can really take time. Make sure to be flexible with your timeframe, research as much as you can beforehand, and speak to the experts at Lowe’s to help with your planning process.


Before working with Lowe’s, our dining space was busy and a lot less “me”. I love a simple, elegant, and beautiful design, so I knew I wanted to update the space. For months, I would daydream about what I wanted our dining room to look like once we updated it. I knew I wanted a minimal design for our feature wall in hopes of bringing the room together. We have an open concept house, so separating “rooms” has been a challenge that we have been working on for years. I have learned that I need to be patient in this process, which certainly doesn’t come naturally to me—but being patient and planning extra does work out better in the end.  

So, after plenty of time spent on Pinterest, we finally decided on the style of moulding that would best reflect “our style”. Michael and I hired a babysitter, and we went on a date to Lowe’s to talk to an expert. Since we had such a clear idea of what we wanted, we quickly loaded up our cart with everything we needed. 


We bought picture frame moulding, a miter saw box, and paintable caulking from our local Lowe’s store. We used a brad nailer to speed up the installation, but this feature wall could be completed by simply using a construction adhesive. Lowe’s has a wide variety of home renovation supplies to make your house the home of your dreams. 

We used a formula that we found in Houseologie to decide how far apart we wanted the wall panel boxes to be.

Step 1: Decide how many boxes you want.

  • We chose 3, so the number of spaces on each side of the box is 4.


Step 2: Decide how big you want the spaces on each side of the box to be.

  • We chose 3.5 inches.


Step 3: Subtract that number from the total length of the wall.

  • 147 - 14 = 133 inches 


Step 4: Divide that by the number of boxes you chose.

  • 133 / 3 = 44.3 (round this number up or down to make it easier to measure)


Then Michael got to measuring, cutting, and air nailing the outer boxes followed by the inner boxes.

For this project our measurements were:

  • 147 inches = the length of the wall 
  • 3.5 inches = the space between outer boxes and the space between the end of the wall  
  • 1.5 inches = the space between the inner and outer box (roughly the size of 1 picture moulding) 
  • 9 inches = the space from ceiling to top of the box and the space from the floor to the bottom of the box


I am happily surprised with how the project turned out, even though I changed my mind a few times in the process. For example, the boxes were placed too high at first, and I originally wanted 4 boxes. It took a bit of trial and error, but I love that we decided to do 3 boxes instead of 4 in the end.  

  Filling in the nail holes was the most time-consuming part...and it was my job. If you are set on doing this project and don’t think you’ll change your mind (like I did), then I would suggest using an adhesive instead of an air nailer.


Painting this wall was easier than I expected, but I would recommend painting the wall first so you have less coats to do when the project is finished.  


In my opinion, all of the stress is worth it when the project turns out better than expected! Lowe’s has a wide variety of home renovation supplies to make your house the home of your dreams!

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