Get your cottage ready for a season of fun and relaxation! From preparations you need to do before you hit the road, to simple cleaning and maintenance, with our handy checklist you'll have your cottage open in no time!

Before You Go

  • Call your electric and water providers so they can get your services up and running before opening weekend. This will ensure you get the help you need before you head out to the cottage.  
  • Check with your insurance company to make sure everything is up to date on the cottage and boat. 
  • Gather your cleaning supplies, tools, batteries, first aid kit, filters, and food. 
  • Remember to bring all and any keys to the cottage, boat, and boat house. 

On Arrival

Outdoor Check: Inspect power lines, phone lines, trees, roof and eaves troughs, chimney, deck and dock, siding, windows, and screens. 

Inside Check: Inspect cupboards, closets, and dressers for rodents. Inspect the ceiling and windows for leaks.


  • Repair and fix any issues you noticed in your initial walk through. Call a professional when dealing with any electrical power line repair.  
  • Replace batteries in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and flashlights.  
  • Make sure the fire extinguishers are charged and have no damage.  
  • Clean the eavestroughs. 
  • Clean the exterior of your cottage with a power washer. 
  • Clear any large branches or debris.  
  • Replace any filters.  
  • Air out the cottage by opening the windows and doors to the let the old stale winter air out.  
  • Wipe down dressers, tables, couches, countertops, and any other items that have collected dust throughout the winter. 

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