10 Cottage Decorating Ideas for Summer

Create the perfect summer retreat with these cottage decorating ideas. Find the best in cottage decor like patio sets, couches, rugs, accent pieces, and everything else you need to make the cottage feel like home.

Find Your Perfect Cottage Style

Your home away from home is an oasis, a place where you can relax and enjoy the sunny summer days away from the stress of the city. But your cottage needs to also look the part of the relaxing getaway destination. Whether your style is shabby-chic, cozy or coastal, we’ve got the cottage decorating ideas in-store or online to make your cottage getaway even better!

Embrace Natural Wood

While a sleek and modern design might appeal to some, there’s something beautiful in the simplicity of a wood cottage. Embrace the natural wood and leave walls unpainted. Any imperfections in the wood give character to the space and can contrast nicely to the colours of your second home. You can stain the wall panels to give the room a brighter look, or a darker and richer colour, depending on which stain you choose.


A Dose of Canadiana

Looks good, eh? Canadiana lends itself perfectly to cottage style but try not to go overboard—you’ll end up looking like a tourism ad! A few moose throw pillows, some antlers on the wall and something flannel (there’s always flannel!) is the perfect way to show your Canadian pride and give your cottage a stylish and modern take on the lumberjack’s cabin.


All White Everything

They say don’t wear white after Labour Day, but the cottage can be an exception. Decorating the space with different shades of white, cream, eggshell, and soft grey not only gives the room a classic and elegant look, but also keeps it bright, fresh, and perfect for a summer getaway. Extend the brightness to your windows by keeping them light and airy, with lace curtains or simple shades instead of heavy, light-blocking shades. 


Keep It Cozy

The Danish word ‘hygge’ means the feeling of coziness you get from things like warm socks, hot drinks, and hanging out with friends in front of a fireplace. Bring that level of hygge into your cottage with sectional couch that seats all your loved ones pointed at a fireplace to warm you up on a rainy day, or during a winter getaway. Fuzzy blankets also required!


Revive the Old

That rustic, farmhouse look really works in a cottage setting, so use that to your advantage and utilize old pieces wherever you can. Vintage furniture can get new life with a new stain or a coat of paint, and shiny new hardware on your older cabinets creates a shabby-chic look. Of course, you can always buy a ‘vintage-looking’ piece if you’re not one for thrift stores.


Bring the Outside In

Nature is a better designer than most of us could ever dream of being, so why not let her do all the work? Bring greenery into the cottage with potted plants or succulents as tabletop decor or add hanging planters if you don’t want to use up valuable counterspace. If you don’t have a green thumb, try taking inspiration from nature with rich dark woods, green or blue accent colours, or a pop of animal print.


Get That Beachy Feeling

What’s the point of a beach home if it doesn’t feel like a beach home? Get that coastal look with shades white and navy blue, with nautical accents like rope, anchors, and more seafaring decor. If you’d prefer a subtler look, try painting your walls a softer, watery blue or seafoam green. Add pops of yellow, red, or orange for contrast.


Imperfectly Perfect Floors

Most cottages will come with hardwood flooring, and there are a lot of different ways to make them work with your cottage decor. Skip wall-to-wall carpeting and instead opt for a few colourful throw rugs to add visual interest without covering up the natural wood. You can also try painting and distressing the floors for that vintage, French country cottage aesthetic.


Mix & Match

Using multiple patterns in a space can be intimidating—how much is too much?—but it’s the key to creating a relaxed, bohemian-inspired space. Start with a statement piece like a Moroccan rug, and then pull in other textiles like accent pillows or throws with similar colours and styles. Let the rug stay the most prominent pattern in the room and use the other accents to boost its visual interest. Try keeping the rest of the room light and natural to create cohesion and you’ll end up with a bohemian paradise.


Don't Neglect the Deck

The whole point of a cottage is to be near the great outdoors, isn’t it? While you’ll be spending plenty of time relaxing inside your (spectacularly decorated) place, don’t neglect the deck. Depending on the style (wraparound, raised, combined deck, and patio.), you could have a lot of room to play with the design. Think about how you’re going to use the space. If you’ve got an incredible view of the lake, you might opt for a comfortable set of chairs with a small table for long nights watching the sunset. A larger deck off the kitchen calls for a dining set for entertaining, or even an outdoor barbecue or grill to keep all the action in one place. And no matter your outdoor space looks like, you can’t go wrong with a set of classic Muskoka chairs.


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