10 Cost Effective Ways to Update Your Landscape

Does your landscape need a refresh? Learn cost-effective ways to update your front lawn or backyard, like adding planters and flowers, as well as lawn care tips like aeration, fertilization, mulching, and more!

Create a Budget-Friendly Landscape

Did you know you can update your landscape on a budget? Find everything you need to create an inviting backyard for less. From garden edging to lawn care, visit us in-store or shop online today!

1. Welcome Guests with Hanging Planters

Add hanging planters for a quick and cost-effective way to update your outdoor space. Planters come in many different materials, colours, and styles, so it will be easy to find a planter that matches your outdoor decor. Plant in mid-April to ensure your plants will be full by mid-June or early-July. Hanging plants tend to dry out quicker than those in a garden so make sure you water daily. 

Tip: Pick plants or flowers that will thrive in hanging planters, like Supertunia Petunias, Painted Ladys, Dwarf Lavender, and Chrysanthemums.


2. Aerate that Lawn!

Keep that grass healthy through aeration. A budget-friendly DIY, lawn aeration helps grass and soil breathe, allowing for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate to the roots. The best time of year to aerate is spring and fall; this is when the soil is soft and easy to aerate. This process helps the roots grow deeply and results in a stronger and more lush lawn. 


3. Give Your Plants Some TLC with Mulch

Adding mulch to your gardening process is sure to help you stay on budget this year. Mulch has many benefits, including adding a protective barrier between the soil and your plants during extreme temperatures. A layer of mulch will improve the health of your garden bed’s soil making flowers and plants last much longer. It also deters weeds from growing and prevents soil erosion. 


4. Fertilize. Fertilize. Fertilize.

Fertilizing your lawn is an essential component of a healthy landscape. Luckily, the process is cost-efficient and will provide long-lasting benefits to your lawn. Fertilizer contains many plant nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which promotes the growth and strength of grass. Organic fertilizer releases its nutrients slowly, so a smaller amount of product can provide benefits for a longer period of time. 


5. Build a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can add another layer to your landscape. Retaining walls are great for separating your garden bed from the rest of your lawn. Building your own is not only cost-effective, but it gives you an opportunity to customize the size and materials. Retaining walls can be made of stone, concrete, and wood. 


6. Plant Shrubs

The addition of shrubs can add a new dynamic to your landscape. Planting shrubs against a pathway or front porch is a great way to create clean lines and add shape to your exterior space. You’ll be breathing easier too, due to their ability to filter pollutants and dust. They can also provide shelter for birds and other wildlife. Some shrubs change colour in the fall, which is sure to make your outdoor area picture perfect. #Nature. 

Tip: Tried and true shrubs for beginners include Crimson Fire Loropetalum, Wintergem Boxwood, and Flirt Nandina.


7. Add Edging to Your Garden Bed

Simple rubber or stone edging can add a finishing touch to your garden bed. You can get creative with the shape, opting for a more curved look, or keep it classic with straight lines. Dress-up your backyard garden with patterned or scalloped landscape edging. Edging materials include stone, wood, rubber, and brick. 

On the practical side, edging creates a visible barrier which means no one will accidentally walk through your perfectly laid garden. Plus, those clean lines provide a clean cut when it comes time to trim the lawn. 


8. Plant Perennials

Add colour to your backyard or front lawn with flowers! They come in all the colours of the rainbow (and more) and are a cost-effective way to amp up your garden bed. Perennials are a great option for gardeners on a budget. They require little maintenance, and spread a lot, so you’ll only have to buy a few, and they’ll fill in those garden bed gaps naturally. 

Budget-Friendly Perennials:

  • Bleeding Heart
  • Catmint
  • Coneflower
  • Day Lily
  • Hosta


9. Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is a great way to add a focal point to your patio, creating a social spot for you and your guests. Making your own fire pit can be a fun and budget-friendly task. They key is to choose inexpensive material, like retaining wall blocks or bricks, to build the walls and base of your fireplace. Add a little bit of mortar and you’re good to go. All that’s left to do is get the S’mores ready! 

Note: Be sure to check your municipal laws when planning your DIY fire pit.


10. Add Decor to Your Landscape

Adding some small decor pieces is a great way to update your landscape without digging too deep in your wallet. Small pieces like table lanterns, outdoor fountains, and statues, can completely transform your landscape with little effort. String lights can amp up your cozy ambiance, and the addition of torches can help keep those pesky bugs away. 


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