6 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Table Setting

Planning your holiday decorating? For the upcoming holiday season, here are four distinct holiday themes in their stores for you to shop this year — collections that are guaranteed to work together in your home, whether you buy two or 10 different pieces.

Broken into four groups — Comfort and Joy, Deck The Halls, Sweet Noel, and Cold Spell — Lowe's has done the majority of the work for you when it comes to setting a theme for your holidays.

I personally fell in love with the Deck The Halls collection, and have chosen to show you my dining room table set with items from this trend mixed with easy-to-find elements around your house, plus a few pieces from my own, which always adds extra fun to a room. I love mixing new with old, for a truly unique look.

The Deck The Halls theme consists of golds, blacks, reds, plaids, and nutcrackers. Go all in and get all of the Deck The Halls items in the Lowe's Holiday Lookbook for a gorgeous, full, warm theme for the holidays. However, I want to show you how you can pull elements from a trend and make it your own look really easily.

Don't be intimidated when you walk into the store and see a wall of holiday decor! Here are my tips on how to take from a collection what suits YOUR style, and how to decorate with it.

1. Build a Collection of Eye-Catching Items From Your Theme

So... where to begin? First, I started off by looking at the Deck The Halls line and selecting groups of the same items — all in gold. Buy a lot of the items; too few, and it looks sparse. Also, think of how to add a twist to items outside of their traditional use. You'll see some things on my table setting that aren't necessarily being used as originally intended. I'll explain more below!

2. Get Creative with Kraft Paper Runners & Placemats

Next, I moved on to make a kraft paper runner. You can find kraft paper online or in-store at your local Lowe's. It keeps the look a little less formal, which is a nice contrast to all the gold I was using, which is considered traditional.

The table setting also needed placemats, so I cut out rectangular placemats out of the same kraft paper, and drew on a boxwood border using a chalk pen found at any arts & crafts store. This adds a hint of fun, without a huge expense.

Do you have kids coming over? Draw a colouring page on the table cloth that you can also make out of kraft paper!

I used my gold flatware to tie in with my items from the Deck The Halls collection. With the table cloth down, you can now start to layer the items.

3. Transform Chic Candle Holders into Pretty Glass Planters

I purchased three gold hurricane candle holders from the collection. I always buy things in threes or odd numbers — two is too little, four looks too forced, so three is always the loveliest number I find.

To add more interest, I wrapped a small box in kraft paper to match my kraft paper runner. This gives the middle vase extra height; a simple thing to do that adds visual interest to your table.

Instead of placing candles in the hurricane holders, I inserted potted paperwhites from my local Lowe's Garden Centre inside the glass to provide depth and contrast to the gold.

I found black pots worked with my theme as they tie in with the black ornaments also from the collection. Paperwhites are also my all-time favourite winter flower, likely stemming from memories of my Mom having them in her own home during the holidays.

Here's a way to switch it up: If you wanted more of a formal look, you may opt not to put paperwhites and instead put evergreens in there... or more candles! The nice thing about the Deck The Halls collection is that the key pieces are beautiful and classic, meaning you can easily bring to life a different look with a few simple changes.

The hurricane vases can easily revert back to candle holders, or you could store groups of coloured glass Christmas balls in them. The ideas and uses are endless!

4. Play with Placement & Sizes for Your Table Accents

To fill in the space between the hurricane vases, I started placing the tall gold pillar candle holders along the centre of the table. These are gorgeous and come in two heights, which is perfect for spacing out along the table.

You should also consider adding candles in different sizes on top of the candle holders as another way to add some height variety. I mixed in some of my vintage brass candle stick holders into the tablescape as well, for added visual interest. The common thread is gold.

5. Tie Together Different Materials with Similar Details

Kraft and gold. It's the contrast of luxe and casual that gives the table some interest.

I have vintage starburst glassware that I pulled out for my tablescape. The hints of gold on the glass was a perfect tie in with the hurricane candle holders and gold pillar candle holders.

But as an added "ah-ha!" I spotted these gold star ornaments that seemed perfectly paired with the glass design. All I did was take the red velvet ribbon off the ornaments and scattered a few throughout the table.

6. Personalize Your Place Settings for Your Guests

To finish off the table, I made seating cards using the black ornaments from the Deck The Halls collection and handwrote each guest's name on the balls using a chalk marker. Make a mistake? Chalk washes off easily with some water, so it's easy peasy lemon squeezy!

With a few choice pieces from Lowe's collection of four stunning trends, you can easily bring some beautiful holiday style that's your own into your home.

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