10 Chic Small Bedroom Ideas

A tiny space can have big style! Create the illusion of a bigger bedroom with our 10 chic small bedroom ideas. Learn how to expand your space with multi-functional furniture, paint colours, fun storage solutions, and more!

Create More Space for Less

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1. Store Everything Under the Bed in the a Storage Bed!

If you have minimal closet space, a storage bed is the perfect solution for you! It provides ample storage for clothing, accessories, shoes, and more without taking up additional space. Try rotating seasonal clothes in and out of your storage bed to keep your clothes on point and your closet organized! 

Tip: Look for a storage bed without a headboard to help keep your bedroom looking open and airy.


2. Paint Light & Bright

When it comes to the walls, opt for light colours! Lighter colours help make the room look more open by reflecting light. For neutrals, oopt for grey or light brown, and pastels if you want more colour. 

Whatever colour you choose for your walls, make sure to paint the ceiling a different colour. Walls and ceilings in the same colour can make a room feel boxed in, which is never a good look for an already small space.


3. Magnify Your Room with Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the oldest tricks in the book! Hanging mirrors in your room gives the illusion of a wider and more expansive space. Mirrors trick the human eye into feeling the bedroom is bigger. 

If you're short on wall space, try hanging a mirror on a closet door or over storage cabinets. Mirrors are the cheapest way to make a bedroom look bigger, and as a bonus, they’re totally functional! Set up a stand-up mirror in the corner of your bedroom to reflect the light as well as your Instagram-worthy outfit!


4. Get Clutter Off the Floor with Floating Shelves

With small spaces, more storage space, the better! Floating shelves will help you get things off the floor without adding more clutter to your bedroom. Not only do they create a spot for all your knick-knacks, but they also add a decorative element to your wall. Functional and stylish!


5. Use Space-Saving Furniture

Space-saving furniture is a blessing for small bedrooms! Think nesting tables instead of a bedside table, a Murphy bed or daybed instead of a California King, or a storage bench instead of a couch. These items are both space-saving and multipurpose! A cluttered bedroom can make the space look even smaller, so a clean and organized approach to your bedroom furniture is the way to go.


6. Built-In Furniture Made for Small Bedrooms

Save even more space with built-ins! Look for nightstands that can be mounted on the wall, or a built-in storage shelf to go behind your bed! These items are timeless and will provide yet another functional and de-cluttered option for a small space. 

Add some recessed shelves between the studs of your bedroom wall for a budget-friendly built-in option. You can store books, lamps, and more in these self-made niches. 

Tip: If it's in your budget, try getting custom-made furniture for the perfect fit in a tight space!

7. Off the Floor & On the Wall!

Ditch the floor lamps for a more practical small-space solution: wall-mounted lights! Not only will this make room for other items in your space, but it can eliminate the need for nightstands. This is a perfect solution for people with narrow rooms and not a lot of floor space. 


Don't forget about your TV! Consider mounting it on the wall instead of a using up dresser or table surface area.


8. Layered Lighting Will Give Your Small Room Some Depth

When it comes to lighting, opt for multiple sources of light rather than one ceiling light fixture. Wall-mounted lights, table lamps, and floor lamps all create different degrees of shadow and light and give your space more depth. Try adding a floor lamp to that narrow corner of your room that is often overlooked! This can help reflect even more light into your room to make it feel more spacious.


9. Minimal Window Coverings Will Let That Natural Light In

Nothing beats natural light. Why not take advantage of the sunlight and cover your window with minimalistic blinds and curtains? Natural light has all the benefits of layered lighting in a small room with none of the extra energy bill costs! Plus, lightweight curtains will stay close to the wall and not add any bulk to an already small space.


10. Use Every Corner!

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to do with those pesky corners of your bedroom. When you have a small room, you want to use up all the space with something that is functional. Corner shelving units are perfect for any small room, and they create ample storage space that would otherwise be vacant. Corner shelving is perfect for books, plants, or photo frames. Get creative and add some colour to your room with multi-coloured corner shelving!


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