7 Ideas for Backyard Privacy

From gazebos and pergolas, to hedges and privacy fences, discover all the ways to create a secluded backyard. You can grow your garden to new heights with planter boxes or retaining walls, or gain some privacy from above by installing a massive patio umbrella. Read on to find even more ways to add privacy to your backyard.


A pergola offers a taste of the great outdoors without feeling confined. Since they are freestanding, they can be easily moved if you decide to change the layout of your backyard. They also provide shelter from the wind and rain.

Tip: Cover the structure with vines (or grapevines, if you'd like a tasty treat as well as a sense of seclusion).


You can build your own custom pergola with the help of the Toja Grid, a modular system that creates small or large shaded areas that are tailored to your outdoor living space. The Toja Grid can be assembled quickly and easily and is built from strong and weather-resistant materials. It is available in several different kits for pergolas of different sizes and designs.



For nearly complete outdoor privacy, you can't do much better than an enclosed gazebo. Nestled in the landscape and screened to keep out bugs, this structure creates a comfortable and private refuge. They come in various sizes and styles to suit your backyard’s aesthetic.

Try an all-season gazebo for year-round outdoor privacy. Since it’s completely enclosed, it offers protection from the chilly winter winds.



A small-grid lattice offers a sense of seclusion, especially when fronted by potted plants and shrubs. These lattice screens act as a makeshift fence to protect from the weather or any nosy neighbours. There are a variety of options to choose from, like the Naturae Decor expandable foliage trellis, so you aren’t limited to the classic crossed lattice pattern.
Tip: Add curtains for greater privacy or to block out chilly winds.

Privacy Fence

Privacy fences conceal your backyard from neighbours. They can also act as a windbreaker and will provide a clear indication of where your property ends and your neighbour’s starts.

Hoft Solutions offers a simple and attractive DIY system for putting up a privacy fence or concealing property features like a thermo-pump. A HOFT fence can also be accessorized with hooks, shelves, and planters for a personalized touch. Barrette fences and gates are another fantastic option for ensuring backyard privacy. The sleek wood fence panels and matte-black steel posts add a modern appeal.

Build Up Your Garden


This old standby is a favourite for a reason: it works. A tall hedge provides as much privacy as a stockade fence. It's better looking, more inviting to birds, and looks great in winter. A hedge often reaches higher than a fence for even more screening.


Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a great way to build up your garden. Retaining walls handle two tasks at once: they provide privacy and it gives you lots of  space to grow great vegetables and herbs. You can make it multi-level for some added height.



Setting up tall planters in a line will act as a wall of privacy. Add some vibrant flowers to the planters for extra colour in your backyard. This way you’ll get your privacy and make your backyard oasis gorgeous.


Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades, screens, or curtains will give you the right balance of privacy and air circulation. They are available in different styles and colours, which means you can pick the ones that blend seamlessly into your outdoor decor.


Patio Umbrellas

It may seem like a stretch, but a patio umbrella provides plenty of privacy from second-story windows, particularly those of neighbouring houses. Of course, you also gain protection from sun and rain, as well as an attractive addition to your outdoor decor.

Opt for a tilted patio umbrella if you want privacy in a particular area of your yard.  Freestanding or patio-table-compatible umbrellas are also available.


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