An Apartment Makeover on a Budget

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By Emma Courtney

A little while ago I mentioned that I was going to be working on an apartment refresh to show you how you can make a big impact for less. For a long time, I have wanted to change the wall colour of our space and make a few other changes to freshen up the space.

When my boyfriend and I moved into our space, the walls were a yellowy-cream colour and had been freshly painted. Rather than rushing to change anything, we lived with it for two years. Also, a few other items in our space had taken the back seat, so we decided it was time for a change!

My plans for the refresh of the space naturally included a fresh coat of paint in a lighter colour, a new rug and some plants. We visited our nearby Lowe’s Canada to pick up everything we needed for this little project. We had a colour in mind for the walls, so we took the colour with us and the Lowe’s paint and colour centre was able to match the colour exactly, and recommend the type of paint to use. We went with SICO Paints and chose “Flat.” While they were mixing up the paint we picked up paint brushespainting taperollers and drop sheets. It was a very easy process!

After, we stopped by the Garden Centre to pick up some indoor plants and pots. There is an indoor and outdoor plant section, as well as a big selection of pots to choose from! Finally, our last stop was to the rugs section to pick up the one that we picked out on the Lowe’s Canada website. They have an impressive selection of rugs on their website and it shows you whether they are available for pick up in-store, or online exclusives. The rug we chose was the Safavieh Amherst Grey and White Area Rug.

The painting was such a quick and easy task! As soon as we got home from Lowe’s we moved the furniture to the middle of the room, lay down the drop sheets to protect the floor, taped along edges so we didn’t get paint on the windows, door, and trim! I always paint along the edges with a paint brush and let my boyfriend do most of the rolling. Also, since the weather was beautiful, we had the windows open and it helped the paint dry really quickly. The paint had great coverage and even though we did two coats, it looked amazing after one.

After the paint was dry we could roll down the rug, put all of the furniture back into place, accessorize, and place the new plants in their new home. These small changes we made in our space made such a big difference and completely transformed the space for it. The last few days since painting we keep walking into the space and complementing the wall colour, and how much fresher the space looks now. 

I am so happy I worked with Lowe’s Canada for this project! The entire project was completed in a weekend – from picking up the paint to painting the entire space, laying the rug and putting the plants and everything back in place. This really impressed me! They have such friendly and helpful staff in all of their stores, a huge selection of products and different departments both in-store and online. I loved how quickly we could complete this project by only visiting Lowe’s! I am always making changes to our space so I am glad to know Lowe’s will be my go to store for all of my future projects!

Check out the before and after photos below.

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