Spruce up your windows for less! We’ve got plenty of affordable tips and ideas like installing energy efficient curtains or replacing your window coverings with roller blinds or faux wood shades. Learn more about budget-friendly accessories, energy-saving shutters, and more!

Makeover Your Windows for Less

Revamping your window coverings is an easy way to makeover your room on a budget. From exterior shutters to roller shades, we have everything you need to choose the right blinds and curtains for your home. Speak to a Home Decor Specialist in-store or shop online today!

1. Roller Shades are Affordable & Gorgeous

Roller shades are a cost-effective way to highlight your windows and transform your living room, dining, room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other area of your home. They can be installed inside the window frame, which means you won’t have to cover up any decorative moulding around your window. Plus, their ability to disappear completely when rolled up means there is plenty of opportunity for natural light. 

Roller shades come in multiple colours and have varying levels of transparency.

2. Add Luxury with Faux-Wood Blinds

Faux-wood blinds will give you all the luxury without the hefty price tag. Set at a reasonable price, faux-wood blinds still carry the same beauty as natural wood blinds. They are also recyclable and resistant to moisture, making them long-lasting, so you can enjoy your blinds for many years to come! 

Faux-wood blinds are a perfect addition to studies, living rooms, and hallway windows.

3. Cellular Shades Will Keep the Warmth Out & the Cool In

Practical, affordable, and beautiful—cellular blinds have it all. Their honeycomb shape helps absorb the harsh UV rays from the sun before they hit your living room couch. With the blinds helping regulate the temperature of your living room, you'll end up spending less on blasting the air conditioner or fans all day long. They are available in varying degrees of protection ranging from blackout to light filtering. 

You won't have any issues finding blinds that fit your home's aesthetic because cellular blinds come in all the colours of the rainbow!

4. Stylish & Insulated Curtains Will Help You Save Money Long Term

Thermal insulating curtains will help protect your room from the cold. Lined with a layer of acrylic foam between the fabric, these curtains will have you saving money all winter long! They create a pocket of air between the window and curtain which blocks the warmth of the room from seeping out. 

Thermal curtains have the additional benefit of blocking light and reducing exterior noise.

5. Protect Your Windows with Exterior Shutters

Don't forget about exterior window coverings! Shutters can also help you save money on your heating bill during the cold weather. They act as another barrier against the cold air, providing thermal protection to any drafty window. Revamp the exterior of your house and gain those long-term savings! 

Shutters come in many sizes, colours, and materials. Visit us in-store and speak with a Windows Specialist to discuss all your options.


6. Solar Shades are the Energy-Efficient Window Coverings You'll Love!

Another option to help ease those high energy bills are solar shades. Solar shades can be installed in addition to drapes and provide a barrier to those hot UV rays. This simple addition to your window is cost-effective and super easy to install! While solar shades will block harsh UV rays, they won't block out the natural light, so you can enjoy the sunlight without the uncomfortable heat. 

Solar shades can be trimmed to the exact width of your window. All you need to do is bring your measurements in-store and our specialists will size your shades for free! They can be taken home for immediate installation.

7. Curtain Accessories Are All About Low Cost, Big Impact

You can punch up your old curtains with a new accessory to completely transform the look of your window! An elegant hold-back will give your sheath curtains a sophisticated look or try installing new curtain rods. A decorative piece can add some subtle flare to your window coverings for as little as $10! 

If you want to update your minimalist curtain rod, grab some cost-effective finials. They are simply attached to the ends of the curtain rod for easy installation.


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