A Living Room Makeover for Less

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s Canada, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
By Whitney Japuncic

I think a lot of us see beautiful homes on Instagram, Pinterest, and TV and feel like we can’t have a beautiful home that we love because there isn’t enough money. Of course having an endless budget to spend on decorating your home would make things easier and faster, but unfortunately, last time I checked money doesn’t grow on trees. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to create a fabulous space for you and your family. Here’s how we made a BIG impact for less with Lowe’s Canada.

For a long time, I have wanted to change up the colour of our living room and make a few other changes to brighten up our main living space. Once we came up with a plan for our projects, we made our shopping list and visited our local Lowe’s to pick up everything we needed. I was so impressed by the friendly and helpful staff in store. Lowe’s has a huge selection of products and different departments in-store and online. One stop shop and our makeover was underway!

  To Do List:
  • Change built-ins and match crown moulding 
  • Hide cords for TV in the wall
  • Add light fixture to living room
  • Change up pendant lights in joining space
  • Update hardware/pulls on built-in cabinets
  • Change floor vent covers

I’d like to think I’m handy and can do it all but the truth is my husband is the handy to my creative. He deserves some major credit on this one since he really pulled it all together. The builder of our house put random brown feature walls all over the place. That was the first thing to go… bye brown walls! I got started on painting the wall grey while Mike framed and created the top part of our built ins to extend to the ceiling. My amazing father-in-law came over to help Mike with the framing and crown mouldings. We’re so thankful for his expertise and his attention to detail on every single corner.

  For this we used:Next was cutting open the wall to hide the TV cords. If you know me, you know I love things very neat and tidy. Over the years I’ve tried hiding the cords with tape and different decor but nothing ever looked right or even good for that matter. Now was as good of a time as any, so Mike opened up the drywall and inserted a piece of PVC pipe on an angle from the TV to the inside of the cabinet. We fed the cords through the pipe and WA-LA!

Mike was able to use the same piece of drywall he cut out to fix up the wall. Totally not my area of expertise but he did it and made it look easy. Honestly the longest part of the project was waiting for the drywall mudding to dry to make sure the wall didn't sink after. He had to apply three coats before we could prep the wall unit for paint.

  For this we used:Changing up the lights was an easy fix and really added to the spaces. For our kitchen we changed our existing pendant lights over the island to three polished nickel mini pendant lights.

The new chrome lights really carry into our new living space nicely with our new chrome hardware we added to the built ins. I’m in LOVE with the new pulls!

Tip: When updating your hardware use a template so all your handles line up. Then place masking tape on the doors or drawers so the surface doesn't split when drilling new holes because nobody wants that.

On to the painting! This is where I started happy dancing! We used this interior sprayer from Lowe’s to finish the wall unit. We decided to paint the wall behind the TV all white as well to make it look like one big unit. My jaw literally dropped when the painting was all done. I still can’t believe how much this has changed the whole feel of the space! Drab to FAB folks!

Every step of the makeover has been so exciting even the smallest changes have made me giddy because let's be honest - progress is progress! The finished product is such a good reflection of what we both wanted. You guys, I can’t even. I’m literally obsessed with our new living room! A lot of our time at home is spent in the kitchen/living room and now I can’t wait to create more memories here with our boys.

Other items we used/purchased at Lowe’s:It has been an absolute pleasure working on this project with Lowe's Canada. Thank you for helping make all our living room dreams come true. If you're working on a project of your own you can find your local Lowe's Canada store here. Hope you've enjoyed following our makeover and maybe even found some inspiration of your own.

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