Wooden Holiday snowmen on a porch

How to Build Festive Wooden Holiday Snowmen

Get into the Holiday spirit and entertain the little ones with this fun festive craft that makes a set of adorable wooden snowmen in just 5 simple steps. When you’re done, you can enjoy choosing the perfect everyday objects to decorate them with as well.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
1.5 hour

Cut the Planks for the Snowmen

  • 1.1Cut the planks for the individual snowmen to the desired height using a mitre saw. For a more decorative effect, make each snowman a different height.
Person measuring wood with a measuring tape
Person using a mitre saw to cut wood

Cut Out the Head Shape

Skip this step for snowmen with top hats, otherwise:
  • 2.1Use a 5.5" bowl to trace the shape of each snowman’s head.
  • 2.2Use a jigsaw to cut along the traced line and keep some wood scraps to use for noses.
Person measuring a white round bowl
Person using a bowl to trace a round shape
Person using a jigsaw to cut wood
Person holding a small piece of wood

Pro Tip

For a more stable and cleaner cut, use clamps to attach each plank to a workbench before cutting.

Sand the Planks

  • 3.1Sand down all of the planks, including the cut ends.
Person operating a power sander

Paint All the Snowmen

  • 4.1Use a roller to paint all of the planks with two coats of white exterior stain and sealer.
  • 4.2Paint the top hats black and the noses orange.
Person applying white paint with a roller
Person applying black paint with a large brush
Person applying orange paint to a wood scrap

Decorate All the Snowmen

  • 5.1Now it’s time to decorate the snowmen exactly how you desire.
Person adding hot glue to a small piece of wood
Person sticking a small orange piece of wood
Person placing a grey winter hat on a wooden snowman

Pro Tip

Let your imagination loose and use this as a chance to upcycle some day-to-day objects. Here are a few ideas:

  • Scarf: An old strip of fabric
  • Coat buttons: Old buttons or screws
  • Top hat: A black paint stir stick
  • Nose: Painted orange wood scraps
  • Winter hat: Old or orphan socks