How to Build Outdoor Presents from Reclaimed Wood Planks

Add more Holiday charm to your front porch this year with some festive wood plank Christmas presents. Some reclaimed wood planks, screws, and a coat of paint are all it takes. It’s a fun and easy activity perfect for the whole family.

Few Hours
  1. 1

    Measure the Present Planks

  2. Steps:

  3. 1.1
    Take three or four planks per present and mark a line at your desired height. Make sure the planks for each present are the same height.
Person using a measuring tape to measure wood

Pro Tip

Here are our height recommendations for a balanced and attractive look:

  • Present one: 48"
  • Present two: 32"
  • Present three: 24"

  1. 2

    Cut the Present Planks

  2. Steps:

  3. 2.1
    Cut all of the planks for each present according to the marked line.
Person using a mitre saw to cut wood
  1. 3

    Assemble Each Present

  2. Steps:

  3. 3.1
    Cut two or three wood slats (depending on the present height) to hold the planks together. The length of each slat should be 2" less than the present width.
  4. 3.2
    Pre-drill the slats and screw them widthwise along the back of the planks to join them together and stabilize the present.

Pro Tip

Pre-drilling the slats before screwing them in will help prevent splitting.

  1. 4

    Paint the Assembled Presents

  2. Steps:

  3. 4.1
    Apply white exterior stain to each present using a paint roller, a paintbrush, or a rag.
Person applying white paint with a roller
  1. 5

    Decorate the Presents

  2. Steps:

  3. 5.1
    Choose some decorative accessories, like glitter, branches, and ribbons, to give the presents a bit of flare. Use a hot glue gun to attach the decorations if necessary.
Person tying a ribbon around a wooden Christmas present

Pro Tip

A great way to bring the presents to life after dark is to decorate them with some twinkling outdoor LED lights.

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