My summertime snack plan for the kids involves sending them straight to the backyard. Without a snack in hand, that is. Every year, I plan the garden so there is a bounty of garden-ready snacks ready for them to eat. It's healthy, it's fun, and it teaches them where their food comes from.

Setting up your own VegTrug is easier than you think, and makes it into a "Snack Trug" for your kids! Raised garden beds are the best alternative to an in-ground garden. The weed control happens naturally due to the closed up nature of the soil and you are able to dictate the quality of the soil you choose.

It's as easy as three simple steps to grow a small snack garden for you and your children to enjoy all summer long!

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By Karlynn Johnston
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Choose Your Container


Go with a Container You Have Space For

Decide how large the trug will be. I went with the VegTrug Raised Rectangular Cedar Planter for its sturdiness and full size, but you should choose the one that you have room for. This spacious planter's distinct V-shape not only allows more depth for better planting — it uniquely offers greater accessibility to accommodate wheelchair users.

If you need something a little smaller, try the All Things Cedar raised garden bed. It's slightly smaller and will fit in most yards easily. If you wanted to grow something that requires a trellis, such as red runner or pole beans, the Kingsrow Planter with a Trellis is perfect. You don't even have to have the garden bed raised right off the ground on legs — though this does make snacking easier for the kids — you can have one that sits at ground level.

The All Things Cedar Tiered Garden Box is perfect for a snack container, with lots of growing space.

Pick Your Soil & Plants


Look for a Nutrient-Rich Soil

You are going to need soil that is packed with nutrients and doesn't need to be amended much during the growing season. Start with a proper container soil like Pro-Mix Flower & Vegetable Garden, Miracle-Gro Organic Choice® Flower and Vegetable Garden Soil, or Miracle-Gro Premium Flower and Vegetable Garden Soil. All of these are excellent choices.

Let Your Appetite Decide

I went with cherry tomatoes and snap peas in my Snack Trug this year, as those were the children's choices.

Peas are excellent in raised containers, as you can let them grow over the sides of the trug, hanging down naturally. Plant them closer to the front, and there will be peas to snack on right at arm's length for the kids.

Larger plants can go in the back; I chose three cherry tomatoes and caged them. The VegTrug is suitably deep to use wire tomato cages, but do be careful and try not to hit the bottom.

Vegetables that vine and take up a lot of room like cucumbers can successfully be grown over the side of the trug, maximizing the space that you have.

All that is required after planting is some watering — preferably by the kids themselves! This is the perfect starter garden to get the kids involved.

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Blond woman with grey cloche hat on

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