How to Use Smart Lights to Create a Neon Teen Bedroom

Light strips and smart bulbs make it easy to customize the lighting in a teen bedroom. Here are three ideas to try for a trendy look. You can use these tricks to transform the ambiance of other spaces in your home as well.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
1 hour
Before You Start
Lighting can be an important part of your overall room decor. Make use of various light bulb innovations by combining multiple lighting techniques, such as using lights of different colours and intensities. Have fun and let your imagination roam!

Light Up the Walls with Light Strips

  • 1.1Make a plan for where the light strips should go and measure the space to figure out how many strips are needed. Keep note of the distance to the outlet.
  • 1.2Stick the light strips to the wall by removing the tape covering on the back. Get better adhesion by working in 12" sections, pressing each section to the wall for about 10 seconds before moving on to the next one.
  • 1.3Plug the light strips in and admire your work!
Bedroom with multicoloured LED light strips on the ceiling

Pro Tip

Limit your light strip length to 32' per power source and simply cut any strips that are too long. Make sure the strips are unplugged first and cut along the marked areas.

Illuminate the Furniture

  • 2.1Create a super cool look by using the light strips around the edges of the furniture. To adhere the strips to the furniture, just pull back the tape covering and stick them directly on the piece.
Furniture with neon light strips to create an atmosphere in a teen bedroom

Pro Tip

If the strips around your furniture are facing the wall and slightly dimmed, pull the piece of furniture out a bit to allow for more visibility.

Replace the Light Bulbs in Your Lamps

  • 3.1Replacing the bulbs in your lamps and other lighting fixtures with LED smart bulbs will instantly transform the room ambiance.
  • 3.2The Cync mobile app offers several innovative features for greater control over the light bulbs, including:

    • voice command functionality;
    • control of all light bulbs simultaneously
    • the ability to create subgroups for customized lighting;
    • the ability to perfectly match the lighting to the decor via colour codes;
    • syncing the lighting with your sleeping schedule;
    • and more!
Lighting fixture with smart light bulbs of different colours
Smart phone with a light colour wheel

Pro Tip

Soft and warm colours can help create a relaxing atmosphere, while bright colours are a better choice for a lively and festive vibe.

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